Life as Pilgrimage

Life as a PilgrimageI live in an area of the U.S. where people walk to a certain site – a specific holy place – to commemorate, to celebrate, to remember, to worship, to honor or to atone for a wrong.

In a very small town, in rural New Mexico, tens of thousands of people gather from all over the southwest this time of year – and many walk for days – to light a candle and receive a scoop of dirt from the Santuario de Chimayo.


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Kathleen’s Story – The Human side of My Sacredness

“My sacred calling is to really know the essence of who I am – to embrace myself as the being that I am with my challenges and my gifts and my loving.

As I bring forward my loving and self-acceptance to myself…this is really important to me – how can I bring that genuineness of that loving to the work I do?”

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Bobbye’s Story – CoCreating a Sacred Sanctuary

For a very long time, Bobbye’s experience was that the outer world was not ready for what she longed to offer.

After years of trying and running into a wall, the times began to shift, and she found circles of people that were open and wanting what she had to offer.

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BB’s Story – All of Creation into Communion with Radical Loving

Building community for BB is the support she needs to stay the course. Her inner wisdom was very clear about this. BB also attended the Sacred Ambition event in February – A Day of Radical Loving. And after the February event, she received an upgrade to her sacred calling: To bring all of creation into communion.


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