The Blessings of Uncertainty

The Blessings of Uncertainty

What creates uncertainty for you? Does a particular event or situation create uncertainty? Or Fear? Or Anger?  

When I asked this question to a group I received various responses:

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It’s Time to Take a Leap

Take the Leap

I remember the moment like it was yesterday – a lightening bolt of energy flashed through my body. Or maybe it was the answer to an unspoken prayer that I finally was able to articulate.

It went like this… then when I thought about the alternatives – stay small and get more clients or have more people take my classes – the inner answer was…

NO… It is time to take the leap girlfriend! Not Negotiable!!!

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The Inner Journey IS the Journey

The Inner Journey Is the Journey

When you know your big vision…when you have been sparked by your sacred calling…when you are clear about the gifts and talents you can bring to the world…what do you do next? NOW WHAT?

When I help people articulate the big vision for their life they usually go a couple of different places. Either into “OK, now what? Give me the plan. Tell me how I bring this forward?”

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When Uncertainty is the New Normal

observingselfWhat would you know for certain if one day you woke up, looked around your world…and the old map, the old ways, the old structures and paradigms did not work any longer? What could you say, without hesitation, that you could still count on?

Would you immediately be engulfed in fear? Overwhelm? Panic? Would you call out for help and support? Or would you try and put it all back together – kind of like Humpty Dumpty – determined to fix it?

Is this happening to you in some area of your life right now?  If so, you are not alone. Uncertainty is the new ‘normal’ of our times…and from where I am viewing the different levels of reality that are shifting and changing, uncertainty will be around for awhile longer.

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