TManifesting Your Sacred Ambition: Teaching #2 Embrace Uncertainty and the Unknownhe stories are very similar. From the accounts I have been gathering from sacred ambition leaders, visionaries and world servers their sacred callings often times showed up as a vague, unclear, formless sense that they couldn’t grasp onto or form words about for years. And on top of all this confusion – sacred callings come packaged with a ticket to the realms of uncertainty and the unknown. Great…now what?

Teaching #2 – Embrace Uncertainty and the Unknown

Here are a few examples of how that uncertainty shows up:

“…I committed myself to the spiritual path but was still ‘wandering in the wilderness’ for decades…trying to find the right form of expression.”

“…My sacred calling awareness fluctuated over the years…like an antenna that captures radio waves the reception would shift in and out so that at times the signal was loud and clear and at other times choppy.”

“Sometimes the longing fuels the ambition to create and at other times I feel like I turn away from it…and I experience anxiety and frustration and not knowing exactly what shape or form this sacred calling is going to take.”

It is unusual for sacred callings to present themselves early in life in full form and expression. But it does happen. However, the common more worn trail through the thicket of on-path, off-path false starts and stops describes most people’s experience.  And also why so many abandon the scent. It takes a willingness to sit with, embrace and wait for the time when your sacred calling feels ripe enough to move out of the shadows into the light.

Here is Segment #2 of a 4-part radio interview with Alan Hutner of Transtions Radio Magazine that talk more about three stages that most sacred callings fall into:  

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