Transitions Radio Magazine Series

Retro microphone on stage Alan Hutner, Host of Transitions Radio Magazine and I had a great time recording these four segments for his Sunday morning radio show. We talked about all things ‘sacred ambition’ as well as detoured into exploring cocreating in love and the nature of the Self.  These short segment interviews will give you more of my beliefs about why this time is so important to be doing an event that creates a safe place for those that are ready to express, declare and claim their sacred callings. AND discover how to manifest it in the world!

Why is this so important?  Because the world needs your blessing. Today!  En-joy, Rebecca

Segment #1

What are you committed and devoted to and is that your Sacred Ambition?

Segment #2

How could your sacred calling emerge in your life? And is this event for you?


Do you know your Self? What happens in the 3-day event Your Sacred Ambition?


How do you co-create in love? Is that serving the greater good?

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