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You Can Make It Heaven:
How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Lovin

Rebecca talks about her book, 7 Keys to Making Your Life a Heaven, on her Youtube Channel.

Heaven is an inside job!

You Can Make It Heaven

This book’s promise

When life hits you with a 2x4 and your dreams are in ruin, how do you find the courage and strength to get on the other side and find happiness (again)?

If you would like to step off the drama/trauma human nature playing field and begin living from self compassion and self loving, where do you find the guidance, support and wisdom necessary to stay the course?

Many self-help books give good, practical advice for solving problems. Solving problems doesn’t always resolve the deeper issue. You must learn to see with new eyes – the eyes of loving – the eyes of your Divine Nature.


A business consultant for over thirty years, I have seen many individuals trapped or imprisoned in a life they would not have chosen. In reading You Can Make It Heaven, I have found more than sufficient advice to enable these individuals to begin the journey toward the life they were meant to have.

Rob Reider -Author of Operational Review, Benchmarking Strategies, and Improving the Economy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Not-for-Profits

You Can Make It Heaven by Rebecca E. Skeele, offers keys to self-mastery. The ability to recognize and be successful at choosing a loving point of view creates lasting peace of mind, joy, happiness, fulfillment and abundant loving. This new point of view shifts the way you view any problem that may appear - it’s another opportunity to grow in compassion. Or as Rebecca states: You don’t need fixing…You need Loving.

Self-Mastery also opens the door to co-creating with your Divine Nature - the wise, impersonal, unconditionally loving partner that knows exactly what you can do to discover and live your heart’s desire!

When you learn self-mastery, you no longer need self-help!

The Book’s Biggest Benefit

booksThe book is divided into Four parts, each mapping a different segment of the process.

Part One chronicles the author’s awakening and features a tool to assist in shifting perspective. It sheds light on the simple insight: Small miracles that open the heart happen every day, while larger miracles that change lives occur with expanded vision.

Part Two turns up the bright lights for a look at the many self-imposed obstructions that wreak havoc our lives. Examples from client’s experiences reveal the hardships and stalemates caused by perceptions of limitation.

Part Three presents the strategies for gaining liberation from these constraints. Here the self-mastery skills are explained with opportunity for practice.

Part Four describes keys to cocreation - clues for working in tandem with your ‘heaven’ to express your great work in the world.. The greatest catalyst for growth is choosing to grow. By saying “yes” you open up the heavenly gates of unlimited abundance and loving.

You Can Make It Heaven by Rebecca E. Skeele gives practical down-to-earth guidance to ‘see’ yourself and the world in a new way.

Use This Book…

  • To move out of destructive choices that affect intimacy and loving relationships
  • To let go of the past for good and move into your LIFE - maybe for the first time
  • To dive beneath habitual mind/emotion reactive responses that no longer serve you - and create new practices that uplift and nurture you
  • To access and experience your open, compassionate loving Divine Nature - your Soul
  • To claim your birthright as a co-creator with God and live your personal heaven on earth
  • To learn the co-creation process of creating from essence to form

New Book Coming Out 2018

Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition: Harnessing Vision and Power to Bring Your Sacred Calling to the World in Service to the Greater Good

Welcome to my first ever Author-led Book Study Group! Join me for this 12-part video series as I guide you step by step through the first five chapters of my new book, Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition.

“A vision that can inspire us to escape the pettiness and failings that divide and limit us. This vision.begins with the individual and honors the divine element that is inherent in everyone. Skeele is an experienced guide who writes with clarity and compassion.”

Larry Dossey, MD -author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

An Experienced Guide…Rebecca E. Skeele, Author, Wisdom Teacher, Sacred Ambition Mentor

Rebecca facilitates classes in spiritual growth internationally. Her authentic, wise and humorous approach to living as a co-creator with God uplifts and inspires us to see ourselves and our life in a new way. Her passion is demonstrating the power of each person to access their divine reality and co-create their personal heaven on earth.

Rebecca holds two Master’s degree in Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Science—which positions her perfectly to present the tools necessary to shift into soul awareness. She speaks from experience and teaches what she knows—that everything in life is designed to uplift us and that our home with God is waiting for each of us—when we have the wit to shift and claim our spiritual heritage.

Rebecca has been in private practice as a spiritual counselor and Mentor since 1990.

I experience heaven one choice at a time; one breath at a time; one shift of perception at a time. Heaven is simply choosing one more time the loving point of view.

A Happy Reader

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