About Rebecca

Rebecca E. Skeele; Author, Spiritual Mentor and Wisdom Teacher and Speaker,  is known as an expert in teaching the inner spiritual tools to initiate a major life shift in consciousness. She is gifted at being clear, focused, and on the mark in guiding a clear path into multidimensional consciousness so her students can reveal to themselves their connection to their Divine Reality.

Rebecca is a licensed counselor who has facilitated seminars in practical spirituality in the United States and Europe. Rebecca holds two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. Rebecca was named Counselor of the Year in 2005 by the New Mexico Counseling Association for her visionary leadership and natural ability to inspire. Rebecca speaks from experience and teaches what she knows — that everything in life is designed to uplift us and that our home with Spirit is waiting for each of us — when we have the willingness, courage and resilience to shift and claim our spiritual heritage.

“Working with Rebecca is transformative. She guides you, never leads you. She honors you to dig up what is inside you that is gold. She is the mentor who brings out your best self even when it is hiding and anxious, stubborn and skeptical. She works compassionately and completely to allow you to unfold as a precious being of light.” – Deb

About Her Work

Rebecca’s approach is authentic, wise and humorous as she teaches through examples from her life of waking up, letting go of the drama/trauma, shifting out of self-limiting beliefs and judgments and choosing to live in love no matter what.

Rebecca’s first book was published in Fall 2002: You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving. The audio book on 4 CD’s read by the author was released in Spring 2004. She launched her soul-focused Wisdom School in 2005. Her second book, You Can Make It Heaven Second Edition was published in 2019 along with a journal: Keys to Make My Life a Heaven.

Today, Rebecca mentors individuals and groups in Answering a Call; Following a Sacred Call and Sacred Ambition. She also leads pilgrimages to sacred sites and offers retreats on various subjects that deepen the connection to Source and embody the True Self.

I’m delighted that I’m delighted. I found the joy of me and being me, not being someone to please anyone else. I feel a carefreeness, freedom to be just who I am; I gave up the game of not loving me and really began to trust Soul. – Rikki

Work With Rebecca

Choosing to work with a Spiritual Mentor is a very personal choice. Both the mentor and client need to resonate with the work that the client wishes to do and the approach of the mentor. With that in mind, if you have personal questions about her work, please contact Rebecca and she will set up a complimentary time via zoom for both of you to explore the possibility of working together.