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Manifest Your Sacred Ambition

Fueling the sacred fire, Manifest Your Sacred Ambition is not only a book – it is a mission for these times.

Discovering the calling of YOU is a sacred process of revealing to yourself the divine blueprint of your life. When your calling emerges you then begin the journey of manifesting this ‘blessing’ into a form. This requires you to be all in, come out of hiding, commit to listening to inner guidance, and learn how to stay the course.

It begins with patience, courage and bold radical action helping you to redefine and transform your relationship to your innate ambition and your personal power.  

This inspiring motivational book will give you practical steps to heed when you encounter setbacks and detours.

Staying the course requires a commitment to do your inner work to clear away the self-sabotaging voices of self-doubt and the limitations of playing small.  

Divided into three parts: Sacred Calling, Sacred Ambition, Sacred Action, each part tells anecdotal stories that illustrate the twists and turns that can and will occur as you dedicate yourself to manifesting your highest calling – the soul calling of your heart.

Available in paperback, ebook and audio read by the author.

"In Rebecca Skeele's Manifest Your Sacred Ambition you will discover so much of yourself in each chapter you'll start to repeat, ‘Hey! That's me!’ Why? Because this book is about universal truths about humanity. After reading this I came to know so much more about me and my Sacred Nature."

-Aaron C. Yeagle

"Rebecca Skeele’s magnificent new book is a gift to those of us who are seekers, those of us who are longing for more meaning in our lives and who quest in turn to manifest light into our world. Her words inspire us to delve deeply for inner wisdom and to trust the divine guidance and knowing which comes with connection to our higher selves. She gives us a practical roadmap to enable us to follow the process, to which she likens as an alchemical task of mining iron into gold."

-The Rev. Dcn. Holly Galgano Deacon, Episcopal Church

"Reading Manifest Your Sacred Ambition is like tuning into my soul, each page lovingly and compassionately beckoning me to step more fully into my essence. Rebecca’s approach weaves inspiring divine wisdom with balanced real-world examples. It is refreshingly much more of an unveiling than a typical how-to. What I love most about this book is that the goodies keep coming – I can pick it back up, turn to any page, and find something that speaks to me in that moment. Fueling the sacred fire, Manifest Your Sacred Ambition is not only a book; it is a mission for these times. "

-Shannon Brook Olson


Rebecca Skeele

Rebecca E. Skeele, author, spiritual mentor and wisdom teacher, is known as an expert in teaching the inner spiritual tools to initiate a major life shift in consciousness. She is gifted at being clear, focused, and on the mark in guiding a clear path so her students can discover the sacredness of their calling and manifest the vision in their hearts.

Rebecca is an ordained minister and licensed counselor who facilitates seminars in multidimensional consciousness and practical spirituality in the United States and Europe for two decades. Rebecca holds two Master’s degrees: M.A. in Spiritual Counseling and M.A. of Theology in Spiritual Science. 

Rebecca’s second edition book, You Can Make It Heaven: How to Live Your Life with Abundance and Loving and journal, Keys to Make My Life a Heaven were published Spring 2019. Rebecca teaches a Wisdom School and runs retreats, workshops and events. One of her favorite experiences is taking small groups to England to co-create a new reality by walking in crop circles.

Manifest Your Sacred Ambition Book By Rebecca E. Skeele

“To manifest a big vision or mission you must become comfortable in the unknown. If you want to stay safe and secure more than you want to manifest your big vision – stay in your current job. But here’s the secret…you can become comfortable in the uncomfortable and feel safe and secure in the unknown."

– Rebecca Skeele

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