Work with Rebecca

Is it time to come out of hiding and stop playing small so you can bring the blessing of you and your sacred calling to the world?

Until you are willing to move beyond your safe and secure status quo life you will consistently not show up in your life or in your career as YOU – the blessing of who you are.

I know. I’ve been there. 

Discovering the blessings of you and the blessing of what you bring to the world is the work I would love to do with you.

What is the Work?

to Follow Your Calling, Live Your True Self,
and Stay the Course

Wisdom School: Building Your Wisdom Bridge

The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One teaches the foundational experiential practices that will set the stage for deeper expansive learning and experiences.

Answering the Call

This retreat is a gathering of your tribe. Answering the Call is about you saying yes to YOU first…to come out of hiding, to let go of the fear of being an imposter and to stop playing small.

Following the Call

Prerequisite: Answering the Call

This is a two-part retreat which will focus on both the Emergent and Stepping Out Stages. Once you’ve learned to come out of hiding, it’s time to share your calling with the world!

All In and Staying the Course

Prerequisite: Answering the Call & Following the Call

Knowing you have a calling, identifying that calling, and sharing it with the world are great, but then what? This 4 month course will help to support the Six Keys to Staying the Course.

“I really do not know how you and the Universe are doing this, but again and again, the teaching and your words fill the blanks in the puzzle. It is almost like you are reading my mind, my inner challenges and hitting the nail on the head.” – Lenka

Who you are Called to Be

You are called to live your life from the authentic expression of your unique gifts and talents. Discovering who you are called to be is an inner awareness of your essence – that divine seed that was birthed inside of you when you were born.

The conscious journey beings when you Answer the Call. This first step is foundational to all that will unfold. Answering the Call takes commitment and patience. One must learn how to follow inner guidance and allow the calling to emerge.

Then, the inner revelation continues as you follow the call.

Following Your Call

There are 3 stages to following the call: The Emergent Stage; The Stepping out Stage; and the You are on your way Stage. Each stage has its own challenges, revelations and what is important. Care must be taken to be All in and Stay the Course.
“I experienced a tight container held by Rebecca that promotes trust and understanding. She is so adept at active listening and keying in on the deep issues we experience. She is not afraid to venture forth with us into the unknown and to help bring light to the shadow.” – Cindy

All In and Staying the Course

When you are all in the next part of the journey is revealed. Being all in, however, is a process of learning from detours, distractions, bright shiny objects and taking risks. Inner strength, focus, clarity, perseverance and effectiveness are the rewards of staying the course. 

Live Your True Self

Wisdom School One: Building Your Wisdom Bridge is a self-guided course that assists you to remove all that you are NOT so that your True Self can begin to lead and direct you. When you learn self-mastery you practice shifting from your human nature that wants to keep you in the status quo and fear to your divine nature that champions growth and expansion. Your True Self is the wise, loving and compassionate self who brings to you all the experiences necessary to fulfill who you are this life time. You live your calling from your True Self.


Individual Mentoring

If you are interested in individual mentoring tailored for you, you and I spend time getting very clear about where you are on your journey and what needs to be cleared, healed, embodied, let go, forgiven and accepted…and what new inner tools you will practice to grow in self-loving.

I call this phase: First Things First

Then we can move into deepening your connection to Divine Guidance, claim the blessings of your gifts and talents and build a step by step approach to manifesting your calling that is right for you.

We contract for a certain number of sessions. As our relationship builds I draw on years of crafting processes and experiences that are guided by your Soul and my spiritual abilities as an energy healer and spiritual mentor.

How do we begin? With a complimentary zoom call with me.