Your Calling emerges from who you are. It began showing up in your life many years ago. Sharing your calling is a blessing – that’s why it is sacred!

You are invited to the RE-IMAGINED stay safe and well HOME virtual RETREAT:


an appropriate shelter in place retreat to uplevel your self and your calling with impact and influence.

The first time I realized I had a calling I was teaching the first Wisdom School course. I was sharing innocently about why I wrote the book, You Can Make It Heaven… I said I was called to co-create heaven on earth one person at a time…and suddenly, I couldn’t speak – my voice was choked with emotion and tears started streaming down my face. Then, my body began to shake.

WOW! What was going on?

Well, I managed to get thru the point I was making and then later had time to reflect on what just happened. And, I heard inside, “Voicing our calling is powerful.”

A calling, a vision, dream or beckoning comes from your Soul – the eternal unseen but very real keeper of the highest expression of your GOOD this life time. It comes from within you but from also beyond you trailing clouds of glory as Walt Whitman wrote.

What Happens When You Realize You Are Called Into a Vision?

Many times the words to articulate this calling elude you. The calling can seem to play hide and seek – just out of reach – until you are truly committed to speaking the deeper truth of your Soul.

Then, the next step is to speak it, own it, embody the call and be witnessed.

A Retreat to Up-level your Self and Your Calling with Impact and Influence.

I consider this virtual retreat a gathering of your tribe.

Your influence and impact in your home, your family, your relationships, the work place or in your entrepreneurial business is directly related to YOU showing up more fully as YOU.

Answering the Call is about you saying yes to YOU first…to come out of hiding, to let go of the fear of being an imposter and to stop playing small. Then you can open up to the how this calling wants to express through you and watch the magic of manifestation appear.

Join Me

For lots of fun, laughter, revelation, breakthroughs and community. You don’t need to blaze this heart fire vision by yourself. You were not meant to.

This is a TWO-PART Virtual Retreat



9am – 1pm MT



Our focus for the first day will be discovering and stating your calling.

The time will be a flow of teaching; heart-focused guided meditations; and large and small group sharing.


9am – 1pm MT



In Day two you will craft the story of your calling and share it. What experiences in your life helped form your calling? You will discover the blessing your calling brings to you and others.

 Again, our time together will be a flow of guided meditations; personal journal writing time; teaching; and large/small group sharing.


1Pm – 3pm MT

BONUS CALL (Optional)


I will work personally with anyone who would like more clarity or support about anything we have covered so far.



9am – 1pm MT



You will explore your dedication and commitment to your call. You will work with any fears, limiting beliefs or blocks that have surfaced around embodying and claiming your call. The time will be a flow of teaching; partner exercises; guided meditations; small/large group sharing



9am – 12pm MT

Part One


Does your call have an expression in the world? A creative project? A social cause? A business or practice?

I will introduce the 3 stages of following a call and you will spend time discovering where you are in your journey.

1pm – 3pm MT

Part Two


Shannon Sharesky – my all things online magic maker, will talk about simple ways you can follow your call using online tools.

We will wrap up our virtual retreat with a few options as to what could be next for you to support you on your way.

“Rebecca, I sincerely have to thank you for putting me on this path... you are truly one of Gods awakened conduits - sharing your special gift with the world and walking your path. You inspire me to do so too."

– E., London

Virtual Event Registration CLOSED


With all that is happening across the world right now, I wanted to ensure everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of this retreat. With that in mind, I am offering this retreat with a choose your price option. Simply choose the price you can pay below and checkout to register.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of this event, no refunds will be available.

“Attending Rebecca’s retreats have been life changing for me. I have been able to open so many places within myself that I feared were bad, wrong or scary to be met with loving guidance and reflection. And a hand to help hold me steady when I didn’t think I had the strength. I am in deep gratitude for this deep work that I have chosen to do for all these years with Rebecca."

– K., New Mexico