Divine Membership

Becoming a Divine Member in the Sacred Wisdom Teachings Membership site gives you and I an opportunity to go deeper into how you want to live and show up as a Divine Being. I consider you to be the author of your own wisdom. My intention is to share the keys, the insights, the processes and the tools you can utilize for your own soul growth, expansion and revelation. As you live your True Self and grow in wisdom you can more fully share your gifts and talents and bring the blessing of you to the world.

Divine Membership Includes

As a Divine Member you will receive this bundle of pre-recorded courses in your library that you can access at any time. 

You will also receive a monthly recorded Guided meditation that will support you to stay focus and on purpose. Each month will have a different focus: Radical Loving, Forgiveness and Acceptance, Compassion, Following a Sacred Call, Living as your True Self, Sacred Ambition, The Human Nature Agenda, The Divine Nature Agenda, Fear as a Messenger, Abundance and Prosperity, The Sacred Calling of You, and Gratitude.

 Along with the meditation you will receive written posts following the theme for the month and an in person live group zoom call with your fellow Divine Members exploring together our monthly focus.

The Divine Membership is designed to be didactic, informative, inspiring and engaging. Your participation will be encouraged. It will be my honor to walk the journey of YOU side by side

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