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Manifest Your Sacred Ambition Book By Rebecca E. Skeele

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Fueling the sacred fire, Manifest Your Sacred Ambition is not only a book – it is a mission for these times.


The Journey of Knowing Who You Are

I sincerely have to thank you for putting me on this path… you are truly one of Gods awakened conduits – sharing your special gift with the world and walking your path. You inspire me to do so too.

– Ellen

Answering the Call 3-day Virtual Retreat

rebecca skeele my first step workshop

Virtual Retreat Setting

October 15, 16, 17

Your calling is sourced from the essence of you – your true self. It emerges when you are ready to answer the call and claim it. Then the journey begins to embody the call, discover its blessing and listen to Divine Guidance. This 3-day virtual retreat will focus on your calling and much more.

“What really serves me about doing this work is that I am saying yes to myself. In honoring that place in me that is always searching for meaning and closeness with Spirit. That place of integrity, kindness and spunkiness in wanting to be the best I can be. To do my personal growth and what I can bring to my work in the world.”

– Kathleen



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