Rebecca E Skeele

Leaders, Visionaries and World Servers – all those that are following a sacred call.

Your spiritual path and your work in the world are no longer separate. As a Wisdom Teacher and Mentor I know that your innate ambition can be in service to what you hold most dear.

When you learn the inner tools to work with yourself in a compassionate way you release that ‘on-fire’ energy and clarity that brings your full dedication and devotion forward in the fulfillment of your sacred ambition. As you clear and transmute your inner baggage your sacred call blazes into view - and you come alive with fresh insight and momentum.

Your sacred ambition is the outer expression of a much deeper knowing of the truth of who you are and the blessings you have come to share this life time.  I have dedicated my life to assisting small business owners and vision keepers like yourself to embody what is most sacred - and then manifest it in the world.

On this website you will find many ways to become more fulfilled and spiritually empowered in your life and in your work. I invite you to look around and when you are ready to know more…contact me and let’s talk about what is deep within your heart and soul…and how I might serve you.

Sound good? Then let’s begin!

A Month of Radical Loving: What is Radical Loving to You?

Radical loving requires sacred action!

Our bond with the sacred is not in righteousness but in aligning each action with wisdom, loving and what each of us holds as holy and blessed. We must be responsible with the fire in our hearts and constantly bring our projections of wrongdoing back to our self for inner reflection, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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I consider the work with Rebecca as planting the seeds in my life. It has opened up worlds of inner and outer exploration and growth to me, clued me into my intuition and set me on a path that now has me starting a new career as a spiritual entrepreneur myself.
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