Less TO DOs and More TO BEs

Less TO DOs and More TO BEsHave you ever had the desire to focus your energy on something new?

I recently made the decision to review my priorities and decide where I want to focus my energy. Energy is the secret key to enjoying life, I have discovered. If we use our energy filling up our days with HAVE TOs (disguised as TO DOs) there’s not much joy or fulfillment at the end of the day. With fewer TO DOs you can better focus your energy and find that joy.

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How to Overcome Mistakes and Forgive Yourself

How to Overcome Mistakes and Forgive YourselfHave you ever felt like everything was going wrong and you had no control?

It happens to all of us, so you’re not alone. For example, once I was minutes away from my live radio show, Mastering the Shift Living Your Noetic Reality, and my engineer asked, “Rebecca, your guest is not on the line; do you have a backup phone number I can call?”

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7 Steps to a Grace-Based Reality (Part 2)

7 Steps to a Grace-Based Reality Part TwoIf you haven’t already, centering yourself is the best place to start. You can use this free Centering in the Light Meditation to do just that.

Now, we begin our journey on the path to Grace Based Reality. Keep in mind that awareness goes a long way to opening the doors into shifting the experience of shame/blame to a Grace-Based Reality.

Here are the 7 Steps to Shifting to a Grace-Based Reality…

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7 Steps to a Grace-Based Reality (Part 1 – Understanding Grace & Shame)

7 Steps to a Grace-Based Reality Part OneDuring my noetic counseling practice over the past 20 years I have identified many ways that shame impacts our life and the steps to set our self free from this blanket of deadness, silence and isolation. I will walk you through the experience of facing shame and how to begin moving beyond it through grace.

Grace is the active expression or experience of Unconditional Loving of Spirit – which comes from Source/God/Universal consciousness/All that is – whatever name you call that.

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