An Easier Way to Shift

An Easier Way to ShiftI love watching tango.

The dance moves are fluid and in sync even though legs seem to be moving in one direction and bodies in another. And, the two partners have some kind of unspoken yet palpable communication going on which enhances the dance. When I watch tango I am aware of the music, the moves of the dancers and this unseen but very real energy of graceful elegance.

What if you could make BIG shifts in your life the same way?

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Why the Long View is Best When Planning for the Future

Why the Long View is Best When Planning for the FutureYear ending and a new year beginning is a time when many of us are looking at the long view.

You’re likley looking behind to take stock of the last 12 months and looking ahead at what you would like to create, put into motion, let go of, or begin a new. It’s time when you pause to visualize the coming year with certain outcomes; maybe you even come up with an intention or a word that will direct you throughout the new year.

Some of us go into a prayer full time or a time of meditation wanting to set the energy or the tone for the coming year – listening inside to guidance or direction.

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How Uncomfortable and Magic Go Together

How Uncomfortable and Magic Go TogetherDiscombobulating, disorienting; walking on shaky ground…all very common experiences when the time of change is also a time of spiritual emergence.

I had just moved my family (two children, husband and a dog) to the mountains of New Mexico leaving behind my provincial, privileged, comfortable and safe lifestyle in the South. I knew in my gut that big shifts were afoot. I had no idea that I would be the one to run head first into not only doing something I had never done before but experiencing ‘other’ realities.

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Finding Amazing Grace

Finding Amazing GraceThis time of year it seems that we are all searching for one thing – Grace.

Holiday travel, visits from family and friends, hosting Thanksgiving dinners, shopping for the perfect gifts, colder weather – it can often make you wonder just where the joy and grace are. It can be tough to find the things you are grateful for during the holiday season.

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