A sacred calling is a heart summon. It summons you to the truth of who you are and beckons you to express that truth in your life. Sacred callings consist of your essence, your very soul. They are revealed to you through an alchemical process of turning the “leadenness” of your humanity into an illuminated expression of loving—your gold.

It is sacred because it brings a blessing.

You are blessed because you recognize and live your sacred calling, and we are blessed because you shine the light of your calling brightly so that we can see, by your light, more of who we are. 

Sacred callings can be ignored, but there is a price to pay. The price is something only you can assess, but part of your life will be unfulfilled if your sacred calling is not acknowledged and claimed. 

Sacred callings emerge from deep heart stirrings as a longing that has been whispering to you for eons to awaken. Or like a bolt of lightning, awakening you in one startling moment of clarity. Sacred callings can slay your heart, leaving you dazed by the enormity of what you are called into. 

Co-creating heaven on earth; ending world hunger; restoring the earth’s natural ecosystems; saving the wild places; protecting the children, the animals, the coral reefs—these are not trifling callings that can even be manifested completely in one lifetime. The enormity of some callings can be humbling. But the calling is real. Discovering the part of you that is being asked to show up and contribute is vital.

Sacred callings sometimes emerge from what breaks your heart. Sometimes they bubble up from the depths of your joy. But they always come from inside of you.

– Excerpt from, Manifest Your Sacred Ambition: Summon Your Heart’s Calling into Bold Loving Action by Rebecca E. Skeele