You were born to be the one to do your work, and no one else can do it like you can. You were born to reclaim your innate ambition and hold it as a sacred calling so you do not play small when the world needs you to be seen and heard. You were born to be empowered by your uniqueness, even your weirdness, and express the way your holiness wants to be expressed through you as you.

But many of us have felt, up until now, that what we had to offer the world was not valuable. Our gifts, talents, insights, visions, and dreams didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. The world had a different agenda—an agenda of maintaining the status quo: do it this way; look and talk like this; go to school, get an education, and start your career; get married and have children (or devote all your energy to your career); retire and die.

But your timeline didn’t unfold quite like that.

Your life has had a different beat and taken you to places that were out of the norm. And, in following your own path, what you envisioned for this planet—for education, for a better way to do business, for co-creating change through shifting consciousness, for cooperative ideas about living together and sharing resources—often fell on deaf ears or, worse yet, were relegated to the fringe of society and not taken seriously.

The status quo traditions seemed to rule the day. Voices that shared something new or out of the ordinary—even extraordinary—were ignored and often silenced.

So perhaps you played small and hid behind the day-in-and-day-out routine of “let me just get by and not rock the boat.” Or, “I’ll keep my head down and play along.”

But while all this unfulfilling status quo has been relentlessly marching on, the seeds of that sacred calling, that haunting dream, that inspired creation, have not vanished. Even though you have kept these seeds out of sight and maybe even out of mind, the light of who you are has been preparing the day when the germination can no longer be impeded. 

– Excerpt from, Manifest Your Sacred Ambition: Summon Your Heart’s Calling into Bold Loving Action by Rebecca E. Skeele