Your Calling emerges from who you are. It began showing up in your life many years ago. Sharing your calling is a blessing – that’s why it is sacred!



Following the Call: The Emergent Stage

9a – 1p MT both days

You will practice listening and following your sacred calling by designing a personal protocol for clearing inner blocks and demonstrating living your calling.


 Our time together will be a flow of guided meditations, personal journal writing, teaching and large and small group sharing.


Once your calling is articulated, witnessed and celebrated AND you have identified the blessings from living your calling…

 The next step is to listen well and watch what is unfolding.

All sacred callings have a time of gestation where the deeper roots of who you are called to be can become anchored in your day to day life. This is a gradual process of self-realization. 

During the Emergent stage listening and patience is needed. Too often this time is rushed with feelings of urgency. Those visions and dreams of how you want to express your calling loom large and you long to move into action with the fire in your heart.

Unless you have learned and practiced listening and following early manifestation can be a false start or the energy can leave easily. Also, deep seated fears and limiting beliefs can derail even the best intentions.

The Emergent Stage is critical to your success and fulfillment.

“It is a blessing to be connected and work together step by step, and to create the peace in the outside noise we are in. The process of inner knowing my Calling has been all but expected. The unfoldings today took me deep down, allowed me to connect with my inner self. My Calling is Courageous Love. And although I face my fears, I feel the excitement to bring my calling into the light, into the World. I do not know what and how that will look like yet, but am trusting the process, Rebecca and the Tribe! Thank you for all the love I received, thank you for hearing and seeing me. That is truly "beyond borders" experience I treasure."

– L., Prague


Following the Call the Stepping Out Stage

9a – 1p MT both days

Learn to Step out into this stage with the help of our guest presenter, Shannon Sharesky.


This time together will be focused on helping you find ways to step out and express your Sacred Calling. We will also continue to clear the fears, blocks and self-doubt in this stage. We will end Saturday with next steps.


The next stage of following a call is the Stepping Out Stage – or, “oh sh*t. I have to come out of hiding….”

Yes, it can literally feel that way.

Stepping out with your sacred calling to share your blessings through a creative endeavor, a social cause, a practice or a business can be scary. After all – you will be expressing your heart and soul through this manifestation. When we step out we can not hide behind ego posturing, or aggrandizement. We must be more authentic, more honest, more vulnerable and more forthcoming.

The Stepping Out stage is a step by gradual step process of listening to the guidance from your sacred calling, following and checking in with yourself. Lots of inner work is required to consistently clear away the old fears, doubts, anxieties, disappointments  and limiting beliefs from the past. Each step will deliver a greater sense of assurance, trust, certainty in uncertainty and known in the unknown.

Self-compassion will be a constant practice in Stage Two – The Stepping out Stage

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“Attending Rebecca’s retreats have been life changing for me. I have been able to open so many places within myself that I feared were bad, wrong or scary to be met with loving guidance and reflection. And a hand to help hold me steady when I didn’t think I had the strength. I am in deep gratitude for this deep work that I have chosen to do for all these years with Rebecca."

– K., New Mexico