Not a casual “I’ll call you later” kind of partnership. Divine Guidance must be experienced and embodied often so that you have a very clear knowing of how your guidance shows up, how to tune into it’s energy or frequency and how to check out those intuitive flashes and insights.

Discernment is a tool you must use often when manifesting sacred ambitions as the world has lots of ways to lure you into squandering your precious resources. It’s not necessary to be fearful of the world for it is there to teach you your lessons – but Divine Guidance is also there to caution you and allow you to learn about creation and how to create so that you will be a responsible creator.

Prayer, meditation, contemplation, inner listening, dialoguing, dreams are excellent ways to explore the channels that your guidance uses to connect with you. Don’t limit yourself with just what you are used to. Allow yourself to explore other avenues of reception and conversation with the Divine – you could be walking the dog and a flash of an image appear; or in the morning shower as you contemplate your day – you could hear a voice that tells you someone to call. 

Divine Guidance will not intrude so make it a practice in your day – every day – to invite its blessings. And then – follow through.

It is important to realize that if you continue to receive guidance and don’t act on it – you may find your inner companion going quiet. Inspiration must be acted on by inspired action.

Doing does it.

Her story…

…I kept hearing it over and over…It’s time. “It’s time for what?” I replied. But I already knew what ‘time’ it was. It was time to stop denying the greater service that I had always dreamed of doing. It was time to come out of hiding.

…Becoming a teacher, listening and following that pull was my emergent stage. When I took the step to leave the classroom because I knew I wanted to go bigger, I stepped onto my path to manifest my dream. The universe again maneuvered to make opportunities open up, but I had to take them. 

…In 2005 I had what I can only call a spiritual experience, where light came through me, it had intelligence as it communicated with me. I was told, You are going to take this light out into the world and help others like yourself. The experience has stayed with me and I am often brought back to it as I take my steps.

and finally here is one woman’s account of what happened for her during the closing ceremony of Your Sacred Ambition Live event in 2014:

It all started there, she said. It was the last day and the energy in the room was so high – the smiles were lit up on everyone’s face as we did our closing circle – and then I felt it – a quick flash of energy ran through my body of well-being and joy…like I had stumbled through a secret door inside myself and found a place I had always been searching for. And I realized in that moment that I was embodying my sacred calling.

I didn’t know the form or shape yet – I just knew the feeling was so familiar from some distant past experience that I had to follow it. I couldn’t close it down once I left the event…I had to discover what this was that was calling me forward.

 There was no urgency or feeling of overwhelm…just a sweet, fresh, breeze of something I knew…but didn’t realize until that moment. And that moment has made all the difference.

Yes, that moment was about 10 months ago and today I am happy to share with you, she did follow that awakening experience – and not only did she discover her sacred calling but she is well on her way to bringing it forward in the world.

Her choice to not turn away, to not close down once again, or dismiss or abandon her self was the first key to allowing that ‘secret place’ to continue to speak to her, lead  her and eventually reveal to her what had always been there – calling to her.

Your Divine Guidance is always present. The choice is yours.