Your sacred ambition: What is it? Why is it important? and WHAT it can do for you in your life and business.

Here are some highlights:

handsdirtyMy definition of sacred work: Your love made manifest

My definition of sacred ambition:  Sacred Ambition is dedicated, devoted and on-purpose commitment to doing what needs to be done – in service to your highest calling and the greater good. 

“…Ambition is the divine longing, the reaching, the striving, the drive to do the work. It’s getting your hands dirty, raising your hand, saying yes, showing up, getting up, doing what needs to be done, one step in front of the other over and over again. It is not about look at me – see what I’ve done –

Its eyes are focused on what needs to be done – and doing it – quietly, devotedly, with steely commitment and keen awareness that receiving the true rewards you may never be realized in your life time.

Your ambition is the heart that pumps all that loving into the world and like your physical heart your ambition does what it needs to do – without self aggrandizement.”