And our tale continues…  My ambition is sacred? you ask.

Yes, I reply.

At this point you are obviously perplexed.  So you continue, I have always been embarrassed about how ambitious I am…and I don’t like the word anyway.

Ambitious people are consumed with ‘me, me, me’ all the time and have to sacrifice everything for what they want.  That’s not me. I don’t want to be like that and at the same time I have this inner compelling drive to share who I am and what I do in a much bigger way. And one more thing, you continue…Can you really have it all?

You can have ALL of you, I reply, which is what will be the ALL that is the most fulfilling. Then how you apply the ALL of you in manifesting that bigger vision will flow easily with lots of grace. Your ambition comes from a deep honoring of who you are. Well, take a moment and ask yourself…What is sacred about who I am? What do I hold sacred deep within?

Closing your eyes you ask yourself  those questions and a very soft peaceful energy comes over your face. Well, almost shyly, how much I care for others is sacred. And how connected I feel to Spirit is sacred. Also my humor…I love my humor.

And what do you experience as you talk about what is sacred inside of you? I ask.

Calm…centered…grounded…clear…It feels good, you acknowledge.

And powerful? Do you feel powerful? I ask.

Your eyes spring open. Whoa stop! I didn’t say anything about power! Is that what power feels like? I thought power was… TO BE CONTINUED  PART Four: I’m Not Sure I Want to be Powerful!