I begin: This remarkable soul journey of finding ALL of YOU and then bringing all of you forward to manifest your sacred calling begins with your choice.

Yes, you nod your head. I thought I was choosing to ramp up my marketing or create another offer or attend more networking meetings…and I can still do all of that. But what I’m really choosing is me. I’m choosing to go inside and discover exactly who I am. And , you look directly at me, I have to trust that what I will find will be everything that you describe and maybe more.

I give you a big smile.  Yes, trusting is part of this choice. And so is listening to what that quiet but powerful voice is saying inside of you. Do you know what it is saying to you?

Yes, you are smiling now. It’s saying YES! FINALLY! Let’s DO THIS!

So our tale comes to The End…and THE BEGINNING… She not only finds deep fulfillment by clearing away all the limiting clutter in her life but begins to follow her inner guidance, trust how her sacred calling is manifesting as a sacred ambition business with all the ups and downs of walking as an empowered woman, connected to Source, and easily manifesting her passion and vision with clear seeing and grace in service to the greater good.

I hope you found value in my light-hearted way of presenting what I know to be true.  Perhaps your next step is to take a moment, check inside and ask: Is it my time to discover my sacred calling and align my ambition with what is sacred inside?