It takes a village of supporters, mentors, coaches, partners and great best practices to bring your Sacred Ambition business or initiative forward to serve the greater good.  Don’t even think you can do this by yourself – you can’t – and even more important, you are not supposed to.

Sacred Ambitions are to be shared and put out as an invitation for others to join. This is the time for us to reach out and support multiple causes: Sacred Ambition businesses, Sacred Calling initiatives, leaders and world servers. If you know of someone, besides yourself, that has a sacred vision, let them know you see them and champion them to keep taking their steps.

Sacred Ambitions must be grounded in good business practices so that you can do well – financially, emotionally, spiritually and health wise – for the better you do, the greater GOOD you can contribute.

Good energy begets good energy. And when your energy is run from the divine loving of who you are, that energy is unlimited.

Yes, it is OK to make money with your Sacred Calling. In fact, it is essential.

These Sacred Ambitions —

  • to work with highly sensitive women entrepreneurs to grow thriving businesses,
  • to help women in the second half of life to connect to their sacred work, to foster transformation through storytelling,
  • to form circles of women entrepreneurs to help bring more healing feminine energy to the planet,
  • to be a poet of divine presence,
  • to be a voice and a stand for the forgotten women and children of the world,
  • to shift the current business paradigm so that it serves all instead of a few 

these must be thriving, sustainable and viable businesses that support you and the great work you have come to do.

Take these heart-based initiatives away from the side lines and plunk them right next to the banks, mortgage companies, real estate offices, grocery stores and CPA firms.  The world is hungry for what you offer. Your vision  is an authentic model  that validates and values ALL of who we are – as spiritual beings have a very human experience. 

Stop apologizing for who you are and that dream in your heart! Stand boldly and empowered to share your great gifts and talents. No, the world may not flock to your door immediately but give it time and keep going. There are more than enough souls that are looking for you. Prepare the place with good business strategies and they will come.