Our tale continues…

So I begin: Let’s start with taking a nice deep breath in on this one! I can tell that talking about power brings up some issues.  Would you like to share more?

Power is dangerous! Period, you say with energy.

AND powerful people use and abuse power. I want to know how to be powerful that is attractive and in integrity.

Ok, I reply. Again, let me share this for your consideration…

It is OK that you feel the way you do. I understand. Power and embodying power in the world has been tricky. Especially for women who have gifts, abilities, talents that do not fit into the status quo norm. We all know our her-story.

Part of what is going on, I continue, quite honestly, is you, me and all of us must re fashion a new model of what it means to be powerful as a woman and man that is called to love, lead and live from sacred ambition.

Isn’t it time for each of us to stand up and step forward sharing our gifts in service to the greater good? Are you ready to ground who you are in honesty and connected to Source? Do you see yourself as a role model to show how easily one can manifest their passion and vision with clear seeing, grace and connection?

At this point, your eyes brighten with tears.  I want to be that person, you say. Do I really have everything inside of me to do that?

Yes you do, I reply. And yes – you are ALREADY that person. It’s just a matter of clearing out everything that you are NOT so WHO YOU ARE can shine.

This is the work of our time, in my opinion – to birth a new era of resilient, compassionate, committed and grounded women (and men) who, from their deep connection to Source, can lead,  love and  live so all will flourish.

You let out a big sigh. OK, you’ve got my attention. That last part really rang true inside. I want business success AND I also want ME – all of ME – to show up…to walk in the world with grace and compassion…and to know, really know, that the ripples from my drop in the big sea of humanity has made a difference.

So how do I do this journey you talk about?

LAST PART:  Your Choice!