8 REASONS you can GIVE UP TOO SOON – Reason #3 Insufficient Commitment

8 Reasons You Can Give Up Too Soon

What’s your relationship to your big dream? Do you hope it happens? Do you wish you could fulfill it? Or are you truly committed to it?
There’s a subtle but very powerful shift that happens once you’re truly committed. Something shifts in your energy, your very being.  You’ve shut the back door and announced to the world “I’m going to do this thing.” Until you do that, you don’t have a vision that has a prayer of becoming reality. You have a pipedream.
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8 REASONS you can GIVE UP TOO SOON – Reason #2 Your “Big Why” isn’t clear or it fades away

8 Reasons You Can Give Up Too SoonThe idea of making a difference is all well and good, but it takes inspired action and on purpose energy. Things will go wrong. You’ll lose your enthusiasm. Finding the time and the money to make it work isn’t all glitter and rainbows. Unless you’re in touch with your “Big Why” – the larger possibility of your vision – the work you’re doing to manifest your vision will turn into a burden.

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8 REASONS you can GIVE UP TOO SOON – Reason #1 – Fear of Taking Risks

8 Reasons You Can Give Up Too SoonOur basic human nature does not like risking. We like comfort, what is known and predictability. However, when you are wanting to manifest a big dream or vision or sacred calling this vision is NOT going to support the status quo.

When you realize you will be stepping outside your comfort zone, this awareness can bring up fear of taking the risk to speak out and show up in a different way. And what are you risking? Ridicule perhaps. Judgment that you are not still ‘falling in line.’ And fear that no one will join in with you – and you will be alone – to name a few.

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The Story of You

Are You Afraid of CommitmentOnce Upon a Time, when you first came into this world…Your connection to the Divine Source was fully present. You did not question it. You not only knew who you were but what your purpose was in this life. Your Soul entered this lifetime with knowledge of your greater destiny and with the point of view of learning greater and greater levels of loving.

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