I remember the moment like it was yesterday

A lightening bolt of energy flashed through my body. Or maybe it was the answer to an unspoken prayer that I finally was able to articulate.

It went like this… then when I thought about the alternatives – stay small and get more clients or have more people take my classes – the inner answer was…

NO… It’s time to Take the Leap girlfriend! Not Negotiable!!!

That moment, years ago, was a watershed moment. Everything before became ‘who I used to be and what I used to do’.

What lay ahead…was the GREAT UNKNOWN.

Not only was it the great unknown but I didn’t realize in that moment how much I had to learn. In 2011 I was not tech savvy. The extent of my virtual presence was a brochure website, a small list where I posted my blog… I didn’t have a Facebook account; I didn’t know what an auto-responder was nor did I know how to make an offer, how to launch an online program, how to grow my list… I was in that place of ‘deer in the headlights’ experience when someone asked me, “So Rebecca, What do you do?”

What I did was… I published a book – It was centered around a course that I had taught for many years and about 20 years of experience working with clients at a very deep level of spiritual awakening. Ok nice. But, I had no idea how to stand out on a virtual stage and get any kind of attention.

This has been one of my biggest learnings – as important as, if not more important than, all the other on-line business courses and strategies. I have learned to stand in my uniqueness, in the power of who I am. I have learned to trust the timing of when someone is ready for the work I do and when they are not. I no longer chase after the “I have to be all things to all people” – which is a bright shiny object; or the limiting game of “If you are not signing up for my course then that means what I do is not valuable”.

And I listen when my inner voice says, “ATTENTION: Message from your Guidance…time to unplug and do nothing.”

Every mastermind and on-line business course that I have taken from wonderful business mentors I have adapted to my three bottom lines…

  1. Business Growth: my financial growth, my on-line reach and my cash flow revenue streams are all very important for my viable and sustainable business. But as a spiritually-focused entrepreneur I also track:
  2. My personal Awakening as a Spiritual Being
  3. My personal Timeline of Self Fulfillment

Because for me, my bottom line business growth must also feed my continued growth as a spiritual being and fulfill what I am here to do this lifetime.

So, I want you to know, fellow travelers on the path of business ownership as conscious awake purpose-preneurs, who are following a sacred calling, a vision in your heart, and want to serve in a bigger way…how to avoid some pitfalls along the way. A guiding hand to help you evaluate where you are in your life and your business…and to observe what is dawning on the horizon.

In our online community I share more of my learnings and experiences so you can begin your year with more self-confidence, feel more on purpose and know how to stay true to you. I hope you’ll join us.