What would you know for certain if one day you woke up, looked around your world…and the old map, the old ways, the old structures and paradigms did not work any longer?

What could you say, without hesitation, that you could still count on?

Would you immediately be engulfed in fear? Overwhelm? Panic? Would you call out for help and support? Or would you try and put it all back together – kind of like Humpty Dumpty – determined to fix it?

Is this happening to you in some area of your life right now? 

If so, you are not alone. Uncertainty is the new ‘normal’ of our times…and from where I am viewing the different levels of reality that are shifting and changing, uncertainty will be around for awhile longer.

Is it possible to find certainty during these times?  I will say Yes. And then I will follow that Yes with a word of caution…The new way of experiencing certainty may still feel uncertain until you shift completely out of the old reference points. So what is certain in today’s world?

Here are a few certainties that I am working with in my life. I share them here for your consideration.

  • Our hearts and brains are going through a rewiring which affects the way we view time and space. We are experiencing a re structuring – down to the cellular level . The opportunity is to seek new reference points about who or what we are beyond the physical body. Our perceptions of energy and presence are expanding.  Another way to say this is we are becoming the spiritual beings we have always been…but have not accessed as a body of humanity for many centuries.
  • Because we are in the ‘soup’ of becoming it is important to receive support and give support for experimenting, trying new things, inconsistency…We must let go of the fear of making ‘mistakes’! There is no such thing. The opportunity is for greater freedom in trying on the new – like walking into a department store and putting on clothes in colors you have never worn before.
  • Connecting to the Source for trust, patience, flow, Highest good, essence, acceptance, self-mastery has never been more important. Playing your life in a small way will not work. The greater destinies for this time are being downloaded in your personal life, your professional life – and it may look like a sudden ending; things falling through that you counted on; people leaving; adjusting the way you did XYZ. Staying connected to Source for inner guidance, clarity, truth and light is the path of certainty through so much unknown.
  • Are you living your true blessing? Are you fully expressing the fullness of who you are? Do you know your essence is perfect and magnificent? Are you shedding all the ‘old’ perceptions, ideas, beliefs and judgments that are not YOU? We are maturing up emotionally and old positions of separation, us vs them, here vs there, right vs wrong do not have a place. New certainty beyond duality will take major shifts in consciousness. The opportunity is greater understanding, greater peace, greater compassion and greater unity in what connects us rather than what separates us

So, what is the next step?

Spend a few minutes during your week imagining that you have just been presented with a clean map – a new map – this map could represent your business, your finances, your relationships, health, life… What do you want on your new map? What do you want to experience?

If you can’t have what you want but you can have what you are…what are you?