When you know your big vision…when you have been sparked by your sacred calling…when you are clear about the gifts and talents you can bring to the world…what do you do next? NOW WHAT?

When I help people articulate the big vision for their life they usually go a couple of different places. One response is, “OK, now what? Give me the plan. Tell me how I bring this forward?”

What I know about this response is the inner spark has been ignited and the energy is moving.  A step by step plan is created and goals are set.

Another common response to discovering a bigger vision for their life sounds something like, “OK, what do I have to give up to get this? I can’t do this. This feels way to overwhelming. I don’t really believe I could do this anyway.”  

What I know about this response is they are in touch with the undertow that is present when ever we want to step out of the status quo and expand into the unknown. That undertow sounds like, “I’m not enough. I don’t have what it takes. What will ?? think? Who am I to have this vision?”  etc… BOTH of these responses to opening up to a greater way of living in the world require a solid path forward that includes inner and outer strategies for all the unexpected ups/downs, twists and turns that ALWAYS appears.

Moving out of our safe, secure, known and every-thing-in-its-place job, or lifestyle, or financial status, or relationship and family and peer group is scary. The sacred calling of the heart can seem bright and shiny one day and all fogged up the next. The undertow can be fierce when the first setback or disappointment shows up and we can feel very small some days…and that BIG vision can feel VERY BIG.

What I have discovered from years of stepping into my sacred calling  is investing in proven, practical and powerful inner tools and honing them through consistent practice  creates a solid foundation that will not shake, rattle and roll at the first sign of storm clouds. At those times when I feel small, ineffective or overwhelmed I have a strong connection to the part of me that is clear, expansive, in touch with unlimited possibilities and steady when my dreams begin to tremble. And over the years of riding the big waves and dead-in-the-water-nothing-is-going- on times I have found buried inner treasure of resiliency, personal conviction, dedication and commitment to what I value most.

The inner journey IS the journey.  

Jobs come and go; fortunes are made and lost; people leave, die, move away or walk away; children grow up; books get published and then are put on the back list; YOU are the constant in all of expanding your business, getting more clients, making more money, raising your family, finding your ideal partner…and that unique and essential inner partnership can either make the journey rich, powerful, fun, heavenly…or a hell.

If it is time – and you know it is – to create the next decades of your life secure in knowing that whatever your big vision journey brings you are prepared – AND not only prepared but meeting each day with a light-heart ed step… I invite you to JOIN OUR FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY.

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