What creates uncertainty for you?

Does a particular event or situation create uncertainty? Or Fear? Or Anger?  

When I asked this question to a group I received various responses:

  • How can we move beyond the growing intolerance in this country? I can’t even have a conversation with people anymore without ruffling feathers. I hate walking on egg shells. 
  • What do people mean when they say there are ‘a lot of energy shifts” and “energy is moving quickly now?” What is the best way to stay centered and ride the wave of change? 
  • Women are out-earning men. Marriages are suffering. What can we do to build a new paradigm for relationships? For families? What does marriage mean anymore, if anything? 
  • Our planet is heating up and people/cities/countries are threatened. How can we turn this around? 
  • There’s so much anger in our culture and intolerance. Why can’t we just get along?

Any of the above areas can stir a deep sense of uncertainty, fear and sometimes anger.

But what if we looked at this time of great upheaval as an opportunity? What if we began to consider that along with the uncertainty a greater reality is also emerging?

Let’s consider:


You are being asked to choose. Rather than think this is about a political side or a moral side…Consider you are being asked to choose the side of love or the side of fear. If you choose love how does that inform your choices? If you choose fear how does that inform your choices?

Connection or Separation

Social media has given us the tangible experience of having something happen in one part of the world in one minute and then 5 min later it’s gone viral.

But we have always had that ability. We can know from the greater knowing – from the greater altitude of who we are in every moment – and we can connect to each other beyond time and space in that knowing.

Uncertainty and fear

These exist along side super human abilities. You can shift reality

Personal Story:

I had been doing some forgiveness exercises to clear parts of my consciousness and had a very strong, spontaneous awareness that there was no such thing as time and space and that all the opportunities I wanted for myself did NOT, in fact, exist out “in the world,” as I had always believed. Right then, I knew without a doubt that everything I sought outside of me existed inside of me. Literally everything. And it didn’t feel like an abstract concept either. I’m not even sure how or why this was so completely clear to me, just that at that moment it was an undebatable fact of life. 

I looked up at my kitchen, and, for a split second, instead of seeing my usual cabinets and fixtures, which are quite rustic and old-fashioned, I saw a completely different kitchen in the same space, streamlined and contemporary looking. It was a momentary flash, and it felt very real. At that point — again, not sure “how” or “why”– I knew in the deepest part of my heart that the world I see around me — every single aspect of it — is 100% faithful to me, and by that I mean faithful to my beliefs about it. I heard those exact words in my head: “100% faithful.” It was such a simple, beautiful, elegant concept. 

All the uncertainty, upheaval, chaos and unrest are all spiritual signs.

We are evolving. We are evolving in how we live our life, how we live with each other and how we live on this earth. And the evolutionary shift begins inside each one of us.

If you’re ready to make this shift with others who are doing the same, join us in the Wisdom School.