On a past trip to see the crop circles I faced a major fear.

IMG_0584_1Earlier in the day as we prepared to see the circles in Ancient Avebury, I had said that I wouldn’t be going up in the microlight plane. But then I thought about it and made a new decision. The image you see here, is the evidence of my overcoming the fear and climbing inside this tiny thing to fly over the crop circles.

When I am faced with an experience out side my comfort zone I often say NO before I say YES. Because I am used to this knee jerk response inside, I don’t judge myself. I have learned, after many years, to acknowledge this part of me that gets cranky when I am wanting to fly around in such a teeny machine. After all, this is not what I choose to do every day of my life! And having put myself in an adventure of spiritual emergence I knew this part of me would be challenged.

Here’s what we have to remember:

  • We actually have a part of our consciousness who’s  job it is to keep us comfortable and maintain our status quo no matter what. But that can be limiting.
  • Self-mastery is the ability to work with this part of our self in a loving compassionate way. When its concerns are addressed and redirected to a ‘higher’ perspective then it can let go of it’s agenda and line up with the new opportunity.

Flying over the crop circles is an entirely different experience than walking in them.

The Wiltshire county of England is full of ancient stone circles, mounds, ley lines of energy, carved chalk drawings – and seeing these crop formations dotted throughout the topography is a fascinating view. The pilot had many stories of ‘interesting experiences having flown over this land 1000s of times. Steve, the pilot, told me stories of flying over a particular field on the way to seeing a crop circle and nothing was in the field and then on the return path all of a sudden a crop circle had appeared – all in a matter of 20 min.

One of his favorite times to fly over these fields, he remarked, is after a snow. It seems the heat that creates these formations is still in the ground long after the crops have been mowed down and often burn through the snow creating an imprint in the snow of the crop circle that was there in the summer. Of course I had to ask if he had seen any flying crafts that seemed out of the ordinary?

“Oh yes,” he smiled. More than once he has looked out the window of his small plane and seen ‘something’ flying along side his plane – and then disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

This doesn’t just apply to going up in a microplane though.

  • Getting altitude on a personal issue or an emotional challenge is a great way to shift perspectives. I found that after I had flown over the crop circles I could easily shift back and forth from the arial  view to the ground view. This ability to shift in our awareness is a part of the multidimensional being that you are.
  • Allowing yourself to go beyond your comfort zone opens up an entirely new way of ‘seeing’ your self and your life. After that, you can’t go back to the old. This is the good news. You are designed to continue to grow and expand in a constant flow of personal revelation.

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