It’s the middle of the night and here you are awake again at 3am.

And what are those thoughts in your head? If you are like so many of us who are holding a big vision and birthing a sacred calling – your thoughts could sound something like:

  • What if no one opens my email?
  • What if my course doesn’t make money?
  • What if I am charging too much or not enough?
  • What if they don’t get my vision? Did I use the right words?
  • What if I put it out there and people laugh at me?

So what happened to all the inspiration and self-trust you had earlier that day? It’s like the darkness of the night blots out the light of your enthusiasm and joy.‘What ifs’ undermine your faith in who you are and what you are here to share. They can cause self-doubt, confusion and leave you listening to the ‘experts’ advice rather than following your own inner guidance.

Self-doubt is a visionaries worst nightmare…for who, other than you, hears that Divine muse whispering that big idea in your heart? And who, besides you, has just the right stuff to allow this big idea to flourish and grow under your loving and watchful care?

Here’s a What If for you…What if self-doubt could be used to strengthen you rather than undermine you? What if self-doubt is one of the many tests that we all meet along the road of birthing that dream, that vision and that great idea into form?

Turning self-doubt around requires you to:

#1 Be honest with yourself and ask: Is this doubting voice coming from a wise part of me? Or is it the ol’ monkey mind playing that familiar tune of self- negativity?

Well, how do you tell the difference?

Wise voices will not shame, blame or belittle you. Wise voices bring an issue up for you to observe, consider and then make a choice.When you are working in the area of big ideas and visions there is no such thing as mistakes. Mistakes are just the best possible choice you could make in the moment and when, after reconsidering, you decide it’s not the best approach you simply make another choice.

#2 Be real: If you are going to bring your vision, your dream or your great idea into form…this is not a path for sissies. Sorry, I am not going to coddle you when those voices of self-doubt appear.

That is not what you need.  What is here for you is to realize that EVERYONE deals with these voices and so WHAT?? It is part of your journey to realize the difference – those voices that would undermine you and those voices that are prompting you to take another look.

#3 Discover the inner tools necessary to give you that discernment.  It’s not magical or out of the ordinary.  That sacred calling that is lighting up your heart requires that you take the time to know yourself and spend the time necessary to weed out the voice that could stop you or worse, give up. Self-trust happens when you discover the freedom of taking steps, course correcting and beginning again with great compassion for who you are and what is sacred inside. Staying true to you…and trusting yourself not to abandon yourself.

#4 Get support. You are not supposed to do this alone or by yourself. Big dreams, ideas and sacred callings require a team and good guidance along the way. Be smart. Ask for help. Find good mentors and a tribe of fellow world servers like yourself who will champion the best of you and reflect to you your brilliance. The Divine Membership is a great place to start.

And the next time you find yourself staring at the clock at 3am with the ‘what ifs’ running amok inside your head robbing you of your peace, smile warmly and say, “Ha! must be doing something right for you to be trying to get my attention.”

That BIG vision is far too important to allow a few ‘what ifs’ to derail it!