When Uncertainty is the New Normal

observingselfWhat would you know for certain if one day you woke up, looked around your world…and the old map, the old ways, the old structures and paradigms did not work any longer? What could you say, without hesitation, that you could still count on?

Would you immediately be engulfed in fear? Overwhelm? Panic? Would you call out for help and support? Or would you try and put it all back together – kind of like Humpty Dumpty – determined to fix it?

Is this happening to you in some area of your life right now?  If so, you are not alone. Uncertainty is the new ‘normal’ of our times…and from where I am viewing the different levels of reality that are shifting and changing, uncertainty will be around for awhile longer.

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The Power of Altitude

The Power of Altitude
On a past trip to see the crop circles I faced a major fear. Earlier in the day as we prepared to see the circles in Ancient Avebury, I had said that I wouldn’t be going up in the microlight plane. But then I thought about it. The image you see here, is the evidence of my overcoming the fear and climbing inside this tiny thing to fly over the crop circles.

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Self-Compassion: Cracking the Code

Self-Compassion: Cracking the CodeLack of self-compassion – or judging, shaming and blaming our self – results in a lack of self trust. The good news is, there is a process for beginning to crack the code around lack of self-compassion and beginning to explore the link between self-compassion and self-trust.

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Are the “What Ifs” Driving You Crazy?

Are the “What Ifs” Driving You Crazy?It’s the middle of the night and here you are awake again at 3am. And what are those thoughts in your head?  If you are like so many of us who are holding a big vision and birthing a sacred calling – your thoughts could sound something like:

What if no one opens my email?
What if my teleclass doesn’t make?What if I am charging too much or not enough?
What if they don’t get my vision? Did I use the right words?
What if I put it out there and people laugh at me?

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