Brené Brown defines courage as a vulnerable ingredient in healing shame.

I agree. What I have found is shame is usually piggybacking other intense experiences: abandonment, rejection, abuse, disappointment and fear.

The root word for courage is ‘cour’ meaning heart. Big heart.  I have stood in my courage to speak my truth, to express my hurt and fear in the face of dismissal, to share my deepest Self with others. Every small act of courage and reaching out beyond my comfort grows the heart.. I feel it. and I feel the immense inner strength created from practicing courage in the face of my fear, shyness, awkwardness and self-doubt.

Today, I believe courage is what is being asked of us.

A generosity of heart toward our Self first to wake up out of our excuses and rationalizations…to keep asking our self what is it I truly want and to begin making those small choices to live it. Starting with myself, I can grow my heart reservoir one small act of courage at a time…one step out of my ‘comfortable but stuck place’ into the unknown and expansive place of generosity of heart. And then, from that inner reservoir reach out with a compassionate heart to those all around me.

Courage is calling us to stand in our strength  as the bigger shifts take place across this planet…courage to hold in the face of perceived fear, to take responsibility for our inner knee jerk reactions of againstness. I believe we are also being called to root out the deeper wounds of scarcity, lack,  insecurity and a need to circle the wagon when we feel threatened.

Where in your life could you give your self heart? Where could you begin, in a small way, to reach out to your self past your judgments, shame, right reasons and excuses? What if we all took one small step of courage toward self liberation this week? When we liberate our self we contribute to the liberation of all.

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