“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The summer of 1969 was quite a year historically. Not only did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, and this very famous quote was recorded, but I was preparing to enter my freshman year of college.

A BIG deal.

Even though I wasn’t going far from home I was the first woman in many generations to go off to college. You would have thought I was going to the moon.

The fateful day finally arrived and I was escorted to my small private school by my parents, my younger brother and my 80 year old grandmother. Quite a send off for our nuclear family. They were marking this life passage by making sure that I had all the trappings that a freshman year room could possibly want – plenty of clean matching sheets, towels, bedspread, blankets, personal items, reading lamp, a few photos, stamped envelopes for letters home, school supplies, new clothes for all seasons, emergency phone numbers…and a box of my grandmother’s oatmeal cookies.

It did feel like a BIG leap at the time. And yet, that day could not have happened if there had not been a zillion smaller, less grand or much less marked steps that I had taken in the 18 years preceding.

Life is like that…and so is manifesting that big vision you have in your heart.

Starting small is where all of us begin – with a choice to voice that vision; with a shaky and courageous decision to stop hiding and holding your heart expression back; with letting go of old beliefs about being seen, being heard and ‘what I am doing will not matter’.

Small steps are what keep you moving forward in those times when you don’t quite see beyond the bend in the road and when you have no idea where all those inner promptings are leading you. Small steps define the path and create it all at the same time. The road to manifesting that sacred ambition business or initiative; or taking that volunteer position to improve the lives of those in need; or contributing to the well being of your family or neighborhood is created as you walk it. Otherwise it does not exist.

Playing a bigger game in your life takes you knowing that each awkward step is a big leap – because YOU say so.

Because when you play big you show up with all of you; you bring all of you to the table; you show all of your cards. So it’s not the distance that your step takes you but the bigness of which you are when you take it.

We are all taking that first step onto the ‘moon’ of our big visions. And we are taking it because it is ours to take. No one else can do it.

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