In my 40s I wanted to start singing in public again.

Growing up I sang in church choirs, in musicals, on stage at events…singing was a big part of my life that brought me much joy. So, I contacted three talented musicians, invited them to an informal jam session and instantly we all knew we wanted to start a musical group and dedicate it to spreading light and love.

We were ALL IN.

From the first rehearsal, we practiced twice a week; we booked singing engagements in spiritual communities around New Mexico; we sang almost every Sunday at a popular spiritual church; we gathered the funds together to record a cassette tape of our original songs; we wrote music, laughed, practiced and had fun together. For about 18 months. And then things began to fall apart.

One of our members began coming late to rehearsals or missed it all together. Excuses were made about why this particular song wasn’t going well; performances got a bit sloppy; egos began to speak up about the order of songs in our concerts and who sang which song. Feelings were hurt. Our 100% commitment began to fray.

By the time we sat down to talk about what was going on one of our members had one foot out the door. And what was hard for me was I still wanted to hold things together. I would try and convince the members that this was just a phase and we could rekindle our spark once again.

But I could feel the energy leaving the group.

So we gave our farewell concert…and went our separate ways. The break up was painful for me. I was still attached and not wanting to let go.

Why wasn’t my commitment enough?

It was through that experience that I learned a valuable lesson about commitments. I could still be highly invested – I also needed to be unattached to the outcome.

Commitment involves dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty…and when we are committed to a blazing heart vision you might wonder: If I have a calling, What is this calling going to ask of me?

Commitment to a following a Sacred Calling where ever it may lead requires you to be ‘all in’ but unattached. Holding both of those approaches when you are 100% committed is a dance of giving it everything and letting go at the same time. It forces you to remember that Sacred Callings serve the highest good. Not our individual ego/personality the-way-I-want-it good.

And Sacred Callings cannot be fooled. If you secretly give yourself a way out from the get-go – if you say you are devoted and dedicated to your Sacred Calling with your fingers crossed behind your back the part of you that knows your truth will not be fooled. And consequently, that 1% that you are holding back, could cost you discovering hidden treasures of who you are and a major life fulfillment.

Commit to YOU, the best YOU this life time. The rewards will not disappoint.

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