Calling all compassionate paradigm shifters! Are you ready to close the gap?

I have observed over 20+ years of working in this field of transformation that if we just listen and don’t take some kind of action to shift our thinking, perceptions and experience – and of the three, experience is the key to it all – then not only will our reality not reflect the new information but the gap between the new, and the possible will widen.

What do I mean? Let’s focus on you and me for a moment.

If you have not prepared the ground well for the old thoughts/beliefs to be pulled and the new seeds to take root – well, I have observed that’s when hopelessness, despair, resignation and fear take over.

So let’s talk a few minutes about closing the gap…

Where are you experience a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

The gap for you may seem tremendous at this moment. Perhaps you find yourself at a loss when it comes to creating what you know is in your heart, who you are, how you want to live your life and what you want to contribute to your family, to the world…

Maybe you see this gap looming there like some great chasm. The fantasy is that at the bottom of this chasm are monsters of fear of failure or success, danger of stepping outside the comfort zone, the old tapes of ‘who do you think you are’, family of origin beliefs that risk-taking is not OK , that belonging and going along with the herd mentality is what keeps you warm and safe at night.

Did I just describe you?

What I described was the human nature.

And we all have one. However, what we also all have is a divine nature – a nature that is not concerned with staying in a safe self defined box – rather it is seeking the experiences of growth, expansion and revelation. It sees the gap and says, “Wow, here is a great opportunity to have an experience of leaping beyond my limitations.” So The divine nature says, “Piece of cake. Here let me show you how to take this leap with trust, support and guidance every step of the way.”

And those trusting steps begin inside. It’s the inside limits that keep you stuck – not the outside circumstances. So the work begins inside our self using great care and compassion to track  how your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs can be shifted and cleared. ..making way for new revelations.

I often hear the phrase, “People don’t change.” Or someone will come into my office and say to me, “Do people really change? “

What they are really asking is, “can I really change? Whatever I have been doing up until now – and I’ve tried all kinds of programs, routines, read all kinds of books, listened to Oprah or another new thought personality – and nothing changes…”

“OK,” I say, “that’s been your experience up until now. My questions to you are:

Are you open to having a new experience? And are you willing to take new approaches to have those new experiences?

Our Divine Nature is ready to support the new. And before long we have crafted a bridge across the chasm and realized that the gap was self-made – there was no gap really – in other words, the old reality of lack, suffering, doubt, worry and fear was an illusion.

If you are interested in giving yourself a new experience using new approaches to the old dilemma, it’s time to join others who are doing the same.

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