A Soft Place to Land

A Soft Place to LandThe facilitator had spent the vast majority of day two of this 5-day transformational training getting us in touch with our limitations – our pain – our self-sabotaging behavior and the way we berated our self with our negativity.

At the time, this kind of experience was new to me. My fellow participants seemed to be getting somewhere – digging into the depths of their wounds with shovels. I, on the other hand, felt like I was using a spoon. I just couldn’t seem to get beyond scratching the surface. “What is wrong with me?” I thought.

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Discovering Your Sacred Calling

Discovering Your Sacred CallingYou came to me saying you wanted to achieve that level of business success that had eluded you.

I said, Great. As we talked further, however, what emerged beyond that dream was a place of emptiness and loneliness that no level of business success had been able to fill. And you said you wanted to also be happy. And I said, Yes, of course.

But as we talked what became clear was that what you thought would make you happy was just your best guess about how to fill that emptiness.

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Closing the Gap

Closing the GapCalling all compassionate paradigm shifters! Are you ready to close the gap?I have observed over 20+ years of working in this field of transformation that if we just listen and don’t take some kind of action to shift our thinking, perceptions and experience

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Courage: Generosity of Heart

Courage: Generosity of HeartBrené Brown defines courage as a vulnerable ingredient in healing shame.I agree. What I have found is shame is usually piggybacking other intense experiences: abandonment, rejection, abuse, disappointment and fear.

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