Sacred Ambition

Elegant Shifts – The Steps of Your Sacred Ambition

I love watching tango.

The dance moves are fluid and in sync even though legs seem to be moving in one direction and bodies in another. And, the two partners have some kind of unspoken yet palpable communication going on which enhances the dance. When I watch tango I am aware of the music, the moves of the dancers and this unseen but very real energy of graceful elegance….


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Life as Pilgrimage

I live in an area of the U.S. where people walk to a certain site – a specific holy place – to commemorate, to celebrate, to remember, to worship, to honor or to atone for a wrong.

goodfriday2013In a very small town, in rural New Mexico, tens of thousands of people gather from all over the southwest this time of year – and many walk for days – to light a candle and receive a scoop of dirt from the Santuario de Chimayo.


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Discovering Your Sacred Calling

magical bookYou came to me saying you wanted to achieve that level of business success that had eluded you.

I said, Great. As we talked further, however, what emerged beyond that dream was a place of emptiness and loneliness that no level of business success had been able to fill. And you said you wanted to also be happy. And I said, Yes, of course.

But as we talked what became clear was that what you thought would make you happy was just your best guess about how to fill that emptiness.

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PART TWO: Discovering the Sacred Calling

magicbookOK I have considered your approach, you say after pondering my words. But I have another thing I want to share.

I believe I have a sacred calling that both energizes me and terrifies me. I nod my head. But I don’t really know what it is. There’s something more I’m suppose to do with my life. I can’t see it…I just feel it compelling me to find it. And this is so overwhelming. What if what I am suppose to do will cost me my relationship, my friends? I’m already torn between my family and my work. And it feels way too powerful. Will I be accepted? Will others ridicule me because I have so much ambition?

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