Sacred Ambition

Manifesting Sacred Ambitions: What It Takes Teaching #4 – Cultivate a Thriving Inner Dialogue with Guidance

Not a casual “I’ll call you later” kind of partnership. Divine Guidance must be experienced and embodied often so that you have a very clear knowing of how your guidance shows up, how to tune into it’s energy or frequency and how to check out those intuitive flashes and insights.

Discernment is a tool you must use often when manifesting sacred ambitions as the world has lots of ways to lure you into squandering your precious resources. It’s not necessary to be fearful of the world for it is there to teach you your lessons – but Divine Guidance is also there to caution you and allow you to learn about creation and how to create so that you will be a responsible creator.

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Manifesting Your Sacred Ambition: What It Takes Teaching #5 – Manifest Your Vision with Best Practices, Systems and Strategies

It takes a village of supporters, mentors, coaches, partners and great best practices to bring your Sacred Ambition business or initiative forward to serve the greater good.  Don’t even think you can do this by yourself – you can’t – and even more important, you are not supposed to.

Sacred Ambitions are to be shared and put out as an invitation for others to join. This is the time for us to reach out and support multiple causes: Sacred Ambition businesses, Sacred Calling initiatives, leaders and world servers. If you know of someone, besides yourself, that has a sacred vision, let them know you see them and champion them to keep taking their steps.

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Sacred Ambition: Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty?

Your sacred ambition: What is it? Why is it important? and WHAT it can do for you in your life and business.

Here are some highlights:

handsdirtyMy definition of sacred work: Your love made manifest

My definition of sacred ambition:  Sacred Ambition is dedicated, devoted and on-purpose commitment to doing what needs to be done – in service to your highest calling and the greater good. 

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Elegant Shifts – The Steps of Your Sacred Ambition

I love watching tango.

The dance moves are fluid and in sync even though legs seem to be moving in one direction and bodies in another. And, the two partners have some kind of unspoken yet palpable communication going on which enhances the dance. When I watch tango I am aware of the music, the moves of the dancers and this unseen but very real energy of graceful elegance….


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