Vincent’s Story – Taking My Self Seriously

Since attending the Your Sacred Ambition Live Event in August 2016, Vincent has been in a process of bringing into form a deep experience of his sacred calling. Many times this is the case in our lives when we finally allow our self to be with our self and listen inside. The Your Sacred Ambition Event gives you the time and space to finally focus on you, and that vision in your heart.

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Join Rebecca in Prague May 10th to 13th 2017

Radical loving is bold, fierce, far-reaching and transformational. It is the energy of loving that is calling us forward at this time in the face of rancor, fear, and voices of anger that would separate us.

You are invited to join with Rebecca Skeele in an informal meet and greet gathering where we can open up to how to live from a compassionate and loving heart and speak up for our deepest values. Light refreshments will be served.

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Is This The Year?

Limiting stories that we tell our self can be, well, limiting. And usually, they play in the background of our day completely unnoticed…until one day, we are given the opportunity to break free – and we hesitate.

For many years I have worked with men and women assisting them to manifest their highest calling – what I call Your Sacred Ambition. In that time, what I have seen is that there are several common ‘limiting stories’ that keep people from making their big dream a reality and fulfilling the big work they came here to do.

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We Don’t Have to Think Alike to Love Alike

I grew up in the 50s when nostalgia for the ‘good ole days’ and white cultural norms were being splashed all over the brand new television sets that all the middle-class families on our block were scurrying to purchase.

The television shaped several generations of beliefs about what was good, acceptable, normal and suppressed what was dark, subversive or criminal. We were served white bread – with or without the crust. And we bought it.

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