At this Spiritual M. ultidimensional B. eing A. cademy you will learn how to

Live as a multi-dimensional being in the everyday world and Cocreate your life as heaven on earth

Learning how to live as a multidimensional being is no longer a luxury for the casual seeker. Now, more than ever, thousands of heart and heaven focused people are being called to claim their divine birthright as a cocreator with God and live aligned with their highest calling.

It is challenging to maintain a compassionate and soulful perspective in the midst of uncertainty and upheaval. Inner and outer opportunities to preserve the old reference points of fear, againstness, duality, competition and small thinking are rampant.

And yet, you were born to shed the outdated ancestral conditioning and limited thinking that has kept you playing a small game. The opportunity is to live in your (w)Holiness and hold your humanity and the world’s humankind with compassion and perfect understanding…and then cocreate your highest calling from inspired action.

You were also designed to inherit your spiritual heritage – the promise that every soul, when ready, has everything within to express yourself and your life as a heaven on earth with purpose, clarity and resilient loving.

Heaven Mentoring

Are you wanting individualized personal mentoring to discover and manifest your personal heaven on earth?

Would you like to learn to clear what is blocking you from living the life you were born to live?

Individual Heaven Mentoring is a bi-weekly (10 call) 6 month mentoring program that is tailor-made for you at what ever point you are in your heaven making process. Beginning to get a glimpse? already waist deep in profound shifting? or wanting to dive in deep to access the unlimited being that you are. In partnership with your Divine Reality we will free your heart, remove the limits so you can see your self and your life with new eyes.

Group Heaven Mentoring is a year long 10 group call program that will consist of short teaching points and then short individual lazered mentoring for each participant. The Group Heaven Mentoring also comes with a private Facebook group site for on-going community support and connection.



Wisdom School Classes

Make It Heaven Wisdom School classes are designed to teach the ‘how to’ so you can immediately apply these practices to your everyday life – see and experience the shifts – and follow your unique inner guidance to a happier, healthier and abundant life.

How to Live as a Multidimensional Being and How to CoCreate Reality as a Multidimensional Being

Each class is 6 months in length and covers:

Connecting to Divine Reality: You will learn your Spiritual Anatomy to enhance your connection to Divine Reality and awareness of subtle energies. You will experience an expanded heart center and greater inner trust with Self plus a knowing of yourself as a Divine Being.

-Releasing the Old Blueprint: You will practice tools that assist you to release and clear old ancestral conditioning, family patterning, limiting beliefs, and habitual reactive emotional and mental responses. You will experience your body as a divine vessel for ease, flow, grace and light.

-Divine Purpose: You will embody and make choices from your authentic self in alignment with your divine purpose which will include your essence, blessing, Heaven Intention and God’s Intention for you.

-New Blueprint: You will establish new reference points that will assist you in moving forward into your life as a multi-dimensional being. You will experience your Divinity replacing your ego/personality as the center of who you are. You will loosen the bounds of duality and regenerate your cells with Living Love.

CoCreating a New Reality: You will learn and practice reality creation based on quantum principles aligned with your highest calling. You will design and implement a divine course to manifest your blessing and mission in the world.

How the Class will be delivered?

Make It Heaven Wisdom School classes are a combination of group phone classes, one on one counseling/coaching calls, and weekend intensives. The Summer class will take place over the months May – October. There will be two intensive 3 day weekends; five group classes; four individual counseling/coaching calls. Included in the class material will be two audio classes that will run during the 6 months.

How can I participate?

You can attend the classes that are offered through the Make It Heaven Wisdom School on the Student Track or on the Practitioner Track. All classes are available on the Student Track and can be taken multiple times and/or in multiple years. All classes, plus the professional practitioner training are a requirement to participate on the Practitioner Track and must be completed within a 36 month time period.


Enrollment in the classes are limited to 12 students. Each applicant is required to complete an application and will be considered on a first come basis. Email or Call Rebecca to receive a class schedule and an application.

Make It Heaven Wisdom School ~ Rebecca Skeele, Teacher and Facilitator ~ ~ 505 984-1739 ~