A story from the archives…

Let’s call her Beth.  Beth is a long time client. In our journey together, we have walked  through the death of her husband over 20 years ago; creating her new life by starting a successful business; raising her child through the tumultuous teenage years –  life’s ups and downs, relationships twists and turns.

 Today, Beth has a full heart, a rich and successful business and an abundant and happy life.

And yet recently, deeper depths of grief, loss, pain and confusion have surfaced. She longs to open her heart to a new relationship and love completely again.

Last month, she came into the office distraught from the realization that  20 years ago a part of her froze. It froze from loss when her husband died; it froze from shock that she was going to have to raise her child and ‘do it all’. And it froze in terror – would she be able to open her heart and love completely again remembering  how broken and shattered she was from his death?

How do I unfreeze this part?  What if I can’t love again? I thought I was finished with this? I want to be free to create a new life in partnership?

As we explored together this frozen part and what it needed to melt the layers of protection, fear, distrust and pain…a ceremony of welcoming emerged. Beth saw clearly that this part needed to be welcomed back …welcomed home from self –banishment and that Beth had to allow herself to complete and release the limiting beliefs and pain she had secretly held onto all these years – and to accept and bless it all.

So the ceremony of welcoming also would include a time of completing and a time of making peace.

New beginnings require space and fresh energy. Space comes from completing and releasing what no longer fits, and what no longer serves. Like cleaning out the closet – when all the stuff has been given away, handed down or trashed…a fresh opening appears where new seeds can be planted, new visions and dreams realized and new wants and desires made manifest.

The process is sacred. The sacred ness comes from our clear intention to sincerely say good bye to the old ways, the old self, the old limiting beliefs and fears…and when we ask for assistance and guidance we are met in that place of letting go with the whole spirit or (w)holy spirit of who we are.

Our energy field is then imbued with  a new resonance that marks the time of ceremony in timelessness…and we emerge reborn.

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