discoveryinneryouLet’s spend a few moments exploring the inner you.  How are you inside yourself?

  • Are you happy, content, peaceful, excited about your life?
  • Or is there chronic worry, anxiety or fear that drones on inside of you?
  • Have you experienced a recent upset, setback, disappointment?
  • How’s your energy?
  • Do you feel light hearted? Energized? Or tired? Restless? Foggy or unfocused?

When you check in right now, you may be experiencing a combination. At any given moment your inner human reality is registering all kinds of feelings, thoughts, sensations, awareness, beliefs, judgments. The question is: How are you with all of that? Are you kind to yourself? Are you compassionate? Are you comforting and loving and forgiving? Do you give yourself a break? What if responding to yourself or response ability could make all the difference in how you feel, what you say or don’t say, what you do or don’t do and even more could have a direct influence on your self-trust,  self-worth, self-esteem and your connection to Divine reality? I call this ability to respond in a loving way to self – self-mastery. What is self-mastery? Simply put it is the ability to work with all parts of our self from a loving point of view. Self-mastery is the process of shifting how you are with your self – your humanity  that literally can change your life. Now that’s a bold statement but I speak from the experience of working with hundreds of people who discovered that most of the struggle, suffering, heaviness, dis-ease in their body and drama in their life cleared when they learned new skills applied to old patterns that made a BIG difference. Why self-mastery? When you see your self and your life from your Greater Reality your perceptions shift and expand and you grow in wisdom and grace.   Next Time – The Steps to Self-Mastery