Whack Of Wonder moments happen when you shift out of the mind, connect with your body and expand your heart. This very simple 3 step technique opens up your ability to receive the Divine Reality of who you are – always present, but not always perceived.

The steps are not unique to creating heaven on earth! What is unique is you – how you begin to show up as a multidimensional being – aligned with your soul, your heart and your humanity…and live from that place in every area of your life.

The Make It Heaven Wisdom School  will deliver techniques, tips, tools and practical approaches to creating lots of moments that will whack you with wonder so you can see with new eyes. Sometimes those moments of wonder will come from something I said, sometimes it will come from something another member of our community said…and sometimes it will come from the magnificent Being of you that is just waiting to participate more in your life.

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and prepare for wonder…and awe…and releasing…and peace… and moving out of pain, fear, worry, confusion, uncertainty…and your heaven showing up!