Distractions. Interruptions. Obstacles. TO Dos. Endless mind chatter.

spirit emergenceYou sit down to write, paint, study, read, meditate – anything that is important and on course for you and if you are not truly diligent the ‘clutter’ of your life can creep in.

These constant interruptions can eventually pull you away from what is calling from your heart or whispering from your Soul.

There is bigger creative work you are wanting to do. There are parts of you that are emerging and needing your attention. A deeper stirring is waking up right below the surface and what you scheduled that day doesn’t interest you anymore.

But you put it off. Tell yourself you will make time tomorrow. But you aren’t fooling anyone.

Your ability to create a space where the ‘new’ of your life can present itself takes clearing away the inner ‘clutter’ that can rob you of precious time, energy and attention. Your inner house needs calm, steadiness and commitment to who you truly are so that your Greater Reality can visit and take up residence. Clutter is the antithesis of expansion…and expansion is necessary for you to experience who you are beyond the confines of the old. What you are longing for lives in the essence…fresh, unencumbered, free. And what is speaking to you is not tangled up in your habitual mind chatter or your reactive emotional responses.

Inner clutter comes from the old ‘story’ of your life. You set your mind and emotional default responses many years ago from what you decided about how safe or not safe you were. And so now, today, when the Greater Reality is calling you into the unknown and beyond the borders of your ‘comfortable’ life – those old limiting beliefs and unconscious judgments rise up to distract you from venturing forth.

And they can be formidable. After all, how dare you challenge years of making sure you were doing the ‘right’ thing and staying in control? Who are you to leave the familiar and known roles you assigned to yourself so you would be accepted and fit in?

Clearing the clutter is heart and soul work. And you need good tools. Tools that will allow you to complete old stories that no longer serve you, close down openings to energetic ties that keep you stuck and release Eons of ancestral baggage with self-loving and self-compassion.

And it is a process. At times it will feel like you are crawling on your hands and knees through unimaginable sludge and other times you will be lifted above the dross and transported to a pristine place of inner liberation.

“I just listened to Call #6 of the home study Wisdom School. It’s been truly remarkable, Rebecca, how much I feel I have expanded even if I have only just managed to work through these processes once. Getting back to the recordings and working on myself. Wow, what more is there for me!” A. – England

You know, the world will always beckon you to abandon the less traveled path and join the crowd. The world will seduce you into thinking that your happiness is just around the corner when you land that new job; find that perfect relationship; buy that new  ___________ or reach that income goal.

That’s the world’s job.

Your job is to see through the illusion of the ‘bright and shiny’ and turn toward where you will discover what is everlasting – your wisdom, your truth, your divine loving and your soul.

Your job is to clear the clutter and come home to your Self.

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To your freedom!
Blessings, Rebecca