Sacred Ambition

The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One is a

Spiritual Course that will teach you

how to

live, lead and love from the power of who you ARE

Building Your Wisdom Bridge From Your Human to Your Divine Nature

**A Home Study At-Your-Own-Pace Virtual Experience of Self-Mastery and Spiritual Empowerment**

Wisdom SchoolAre you feeling an inner impulse to bring your innate talents and gifts forward and co-create your life aligned with your Source…but find yourself plagued by old limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back?

Do you want the experience of embodying grounded purpose and vision free from the clutter of self-limiting thoughts and emotions…and would love to have a ‘tool box’ full of compassionate ways to clear those stumbling blocks immediately when they surface?

Are you called to be a powerful leader and want to make sure your choices, your actions and your business are in service to the greater good…and to do that you know you want a greater connection to Source and a clear channel to receive your highest inner guidance?


An Invitation from Rebecca…

Wisdom SchoolNow, more than ever, it is important for you to have a new relationship with the power of who you are. It is no longer necessary to live a life of fear, self-doubt or lack. You do not need to be afraid to step forward and embody your soul’s invitation to manifest your passion and vision. What you need is a proven way to clear away the old baggage from the past so that your Light can radiate through who you are and the great work you have come here to do.

When you learn to do this from the greater power within – the Loving of who you are – all your choices are aligned with the greater good. And then you can live, work and love from a strong inner foundation of truth.

If you are sincere about co-creating a world where peace, prosperity, and purpose are available to all and YOU want to do your part in bringing it forward…good. But to do that you must first learn to walk it yourself. This is a greater journey. To awaken to who you truly are and express that truth openly and honestly. That’s what changes lives and affects the biggest shifts in those you have come to serve.

I invite you to enroll today in the home study go-at-your-own-pace

Self-Mastery Wisdom School One –

Building Your Wisdom Bridge 

so that you can do the inner work necessary to stand up and show up in a way that will make the greatest impact in your life and for all.

Loving the audio classes. Your clarity is so refined. Now to integrate….after listening to the “Seeing with New Eyes” class, I was looking at an ‘old reference point’ which is lack & scarcity–there will never be enough.

It was almost funny to me that there could be storerooms full of gold bars and they were all mine.

It’s a beautiful analogy to me. I went on in my mind and came to control and where I am with control in my life and then wondered if my ‘control’ issues could be supporting this ‘lack/scarcity’ mentality. Very interesting…

Val, New Mexico

I just listened to Call #6 Your Big Life: Loyalty to the Soul. It’s been truly remarkable; Rebecca, how much I feel I have expanded even if I have only just managed to work through these once. Getting back to the recordings and working on myself and wow, what more is there for me!

Thank you so much for your clarity. I just experienced an astounding shift by setting an intention earlier on on something I was working with, meditated only 5 minutes ( it’s late here) and hey presto, such ease and flow followed and I got things done in a fraction of time I would usually take. Woohoo! Thank you for the grace!

A., England

Let GO of who you are NOT so that who you ARE…the powerful Source within…can bless your life!

In Wisdom School One you will clear the clutter of your self-limiting thoughts, emotions, perceptions, ancestral conditioning and the ‘story’ of your life…and you will build a wisdom bridge that connects your human nature (humanity) to your Divine Nature.   Using the six Self-Mastery Tools you will fashion an entirely new foundation so that from this day forward your choices will be based in self-compassion, clear seeing and your sacred ambition.

The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One is taught in an on-line virtual format. There are 7 pre-recorded videos and 22 handouts. Each video takes you through the information and the experiences that demonstrate the power of what you will be practicing in your life. Each recorded lesson builds on the one before. It is recommended that you do the calls in order approximately one to two weeks apart.

Wisdom SchoolIn the Self-Mastery Wisdom School One Home Study you begin with TWO Getting Started videos. On these videos, recorded by me (Rebecca Skeele) you will…

  • Discover how to build your Wisdom Bridge: connecting your Human Nature with your Divine Nature to close the gap
  • Begin practicing the Self-Mastery Tools for greater freedom
  • Take a look at the limiting Games you play with yourself
  • Create a Judgment Free Zone for Self-Compassion

Then you will move onto 5 pre recorded Calls where I present to you each next step in building your wisdom bridge, demo each process and lead you in each meditation.

Just a few of the many new learnings and experiences that are packed into this pre-recorded video course:

  • Learn to give back the Hand Me Downs – those beliefs and energies that you are not
  • Discover how to create New Reference Points to replace Fear and Hurt
  • Make New Choices based in Grace rather than Shame and blame
  • Clear the Ancestors so that You and your genetic line can be uplifted and free
  • Fashion a new Divine Blueprint aligned with Source and true empowerment
  • Create New Reference Points for greater freedom, loving, compassion and joy
  • Discover keys to living on purpose, aligned with Source
  • Define and claim your Sacred Ambition

Wisdom School One Worksheets are provided so that you will have an extensive workbook of self-mastery processes you can use over and over again.

In other words, your soul growth, expansion and revelation never stops - if you continue to practice.

  • You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving is the text for the Self-Mastery Wisdom School One (you will receive the ebook version)
  • You will also receive the companion manual to help you along

If you know you would like personal support while you are studying and practicing the material in the Self-Mastery Wisdom School One Rebecca is available to work personally with you during your home study course.  Just click the Wisdom School One Home Study with Personal Support button below and Rebecca will contact you. She offers a variety of sessions which can include a Noetic Balancing that clears the subtle energy fields as well as clearing the ancestral lineage, personal trauma and life long habitual emotional and mental limiting patterns.

Wisdom School One Homestudy Tuition

(payment plans available *billed 21 days apart)

One Payment for the Wisdom School One Homestudy Course - $500

Two Payments for the Wisdom School One Homestudy Course - $250

Also available - TWO Private Session with Rebecca (you don’t have to do it by yourself unless you just want to)!

(payment plans available *billed 21 days apart)

One Payment for the WS One Homestudy PLUS TWO Private Sessions with Rebecca

Two Payments for the WS One Homestudy PLUS Two Private Sessions with Rebecca
3 Payments of $320

CLICK HERE to Download the WISDOM SCHOOL ONE Pre Homestudy Questions 

What our Grads are saying….

“I am in awe of me. I haven’t felt this genuine in a really long time.”

“I am forever going to be grateful for this work. ”

“This work quickly shifts the subtle levels and through that clearing impacts the physical in a profound way.”

I invite you not to PUT OFF  following the divine impulse of your soul calling any longer…

The world needs your heart, your bright light, your talents and gifts and your aligned power.

You have everything inside of you to step forward boldly and design your life and your business powerfully in service to the greater good.

The journey starts right where you are…today. Let us begin.

Blessings, Rebecca

What our Grads are saying….

A teacher friend introduced me to Rebecca Skeele and her work, You Can Make it Heaven! Who wouldn’t want to do that? I’m in!!!

Through her Wisdom School and self-mastery work I was introduced to self-compassion. That is when a big shift occurred. I have always been compassionate toward others, but compassion for myself? What a concept!

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