Are you Worthy of Wealth?

When you focus on the energy of money and your relationship with money and neglect the rules of money – you can’t succeed. And vice versa. Join Kiva Leatherman and Amethyst Wyldfyre for an amazing collaboration: 7 Secret Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Embrace your...

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August Recap

Every year at this time the fiesta singers visit the Acequia Madre Elementary School  one block from my house and lead the  children in songs and cheers Viva Fiesta! It is a sound I love to hear and heralds the beginning of our long lingering late summer/Fall days and...

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Yes, It is Possible (video testimonial)

I love hearing the word YES! Don’t you?

Especially when it comes from that deep place inside that knows WHO YOU ARE and HOW to access your inner soul wisdom! Discovering how to get to that YES is one of the many experiences that are available in the Heaven On Earth Wisdom School.

After learning the self-mastery tools of the Virtual Module One; clearing out all of the clutter ‘that you are NOT re envisioning and embodying your true essence – Living Love in Module TWO; learning to see yourself and your life thru those Soul eyes and finally learning and experiencing how to cocreate your life from that inner place of wisdom, joy, clarity, purpose and blessings in Module THREE – well, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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Sitting in the Quiet (video testimonial)

Do you ever go quiet inside? I have been experiencing times of  inner quiet since returning from almost two months of travel. During my soul sojourning my senses were alive, my heart was amazed and opened and my inner world was being fed and nourished.  It has taken a...

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