Sacred Ceremonies for a New World…and a New You

Celebrate the NEW YOU and Say Goodbye to the Old

welcoming-lotusA Summer 2012 Wisdom School Offering for Making Peace, Completing and Welcoming the NEW You, plus a BONUS gift audio course: Bridge to Your Big Life

Have you noticed shifts in the way you’re experiencing time or space?

If so, this is because you are not who you were 5 years ago – you are brand new

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Completing, Making Peace and Welcoming

A story from the archives… Let’s call her Beth.  Beth is a long time client. In our journey together, we have walked  through the death of her husband over 20 years ago; creating her new life by starting a successful business; raising her child through the tumultuous...

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Self-Mastery: Clearing up a BIG Mis-Understanding

Before I talk about the steps to Self-Mastery let’s clear up a mis-understanding. The purpose of self-mastery is to connect your human nature and your divine nature so you can experience the wholeness or holiness of who you are.  In our dualistic world – good vs bad;...

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New Inner Tools that Make a Big Difference in Your Life

discoveryinneryouLet’s spend a few moments exploring the inner you.  How are you inside yourself?

  • Are you happy, content, peaceful, excited about your life?
  • Or is there chronic worry, anxiety or fear that drones on inside of you?
  • Have you experienced a recent upset, setback, disappointment?
  • How’s your energy?
  • Do you feel light hearted? Energized? Or tired? Restless? Foggy or unfocused?
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