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Teaching the Practices, Mastery Skills, Energy Techniques and Manifestation Tools to live and Co-create reality as a Divine Being

Learning how to live as a multidimensional being is no longer a luxury for the casual seeker. Now, more than ever, thousands of heart and heaven focused people are being called to claim their divine birthright as a co-creator with God and live aligned with their highest calling. It is challenging to maintain a compassionate and soulful perspective in the midst of uncertainty and upheaval. Inner and outer opportunities to preserve the old status quo reference points of fear, against(ness), duality, competition and small thinking are rampant. And yet, you were born to shed the outdated ancestral conditioning and limited thinking that has kept you playing a small game.  The opportunity is to live in your (w)Holiness and hold your humanity and the world’s humankind with compassion and perfect understanding…and then co-create your highest calling from an inspired action.

You were also designed to inherit your spiritual heritage – the promise that every soul, when ready, has everything within to express yourself and your life as a heaven on earth with purpose, clarity and resilient loving

The Heaven on Earth Wisdom School covers three soul and personal growth courses.

*Self-Mastery Wisdom School One - Building Your Wisdom Bridge

*Self-Mastery Wisdom School One is also available as a Home Study Course (click to learn more)

*Wisdom School Two - An Expansive Soul Experience of Living Love

*Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training - A 6-month Certification Training

The Wisdom School One and Wisdom School Two courses will take you on a remarkable soul journey.

Each course is designed to teach you ‘how to’ live as a divine being and clear away the inner ‘clutter’ that has accumulated from your past. The journey is an experiential one and very practical. You will have the experience of letting go of eons of emotional and mental baggage, clear your ancestral lineage, connect deeply with your divine nature and embody the truth of who you are. When this takes place you live life from new reference points of grace, loving, joy, peace and happiness.

The approach in the Wisdom School is to teach you ‘how-to’ fish - not do it for you. It takes you to be committed to releasing yourself from eons of shame, blame, self-judgment and limiting beliefs so that you can discover and uncover an embodied experience of who you truly are.

And this journey is ongoing. All of the tools and practices taught in the Wisdom School can be used over and over again for deeper clearing and greater inner freedom. Deciding to enroll in the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School is a sea-change experience.

In Her Own Words

Pat Dubois talks about Wisdom School

There have been a few instances in my life in which I knew a change was possible. Each opportunity has manifested at just the perfect moment. Rebecca coming into my life is one of those synchronicities. I feel completely safe with her and deeply honored with her knowledge, experience, and intention. I am filled with hope that it is possible to move beyond the shrapnel of the war within. I am deeply grateful to the Universe for the intersection of our paths…and for the modeling that she demonstrates.  Thank you from the depths of my authentic self!

S.M. Wisdom School II Grad

Self-Mastery Wisdom School One – Building Your Wisdom Bridge

Wisdom SchoolLike all journeys…there is a beginning.

The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One teaches the foundational experiential practices that will set the stage for deeper expansive learning and experiences in Wisdom School Two.  The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One  is taught in a virtual on-line format as a go-at-your-own-pace home study course. The course is delivered in 6 video and audio formats along with 22 handouts. Each recorded video takes you step by step through the teaching for that call and demonstrates each exercise thoroughly so you understand the process.

The Virtual Course includes four classes:

Building Your Wisdom Bridge between Your Human and Divine Realities: You will learn your Spiritual Anatomy to enhance your connection to Divine Reality and awareness of subtle energies. You will experience an expanded heart center and greater inner trust with Self plus a knowing of yourself as a Divine Being. And you will learn the self-mastery tools to fill the gap between your human nature reality - which operates out of fear and lack, and your Divine Reality - which exists in a state of joy and loving.

-Self-Mastery-Clearing the Clutter: You will practice self-mastery tools that will assist you to release and clear old ancestral conditioning, family patterning, limiting beliefs, and habitual reactive emotional and mental responses. You will experience your body as a divine vessel for ease, flow, grace and light. And when you clear the inner clutter that no longer serves you, like cleaning the windshield of your car, your life becomes brighter, feels on purpose and sets you free of eons of suffering.

-Aligning your Power and Purpose with Your Sacred Calling and Heaven Intention: You will discover how to embody and make choices from your purpose and your sacred calling.  This will assist you to discover the true Power of the Loving of who you are. You can then apply this power to all areas of your life.

-Creating New Reference Points for Your Life: You will establish new reference points that will assist you in moving forward into your life as a multi-dimensional being. You will experience your Divinity replacing your ego/personality as the center of who you are. And you will know what it means to be loyal to your True Self - that part of you that brings with it total self-awakening and self-fulfillment.

Self-Mastery WISDOM SCHOOL One is available as a Home Study Course.

Your remarkable soul journey continues…

Wisdom SchoolWisdom School Two: An Expansive Soul Experience of Living Love

In Wisdom School Two,  which is done in retreat in Santa Fe, NM, you will take your self-mastery practice to a deeper level of release and letting go. The experience of shifting your reference points from law to grace and living love is the intention of this 3 1/2-day intensive spiritual retreat. Rewiring the energetic matrix of your physical and subtle bodies is a process beyond your mind. As you move beyond your limiting perceptions of duality, and old out-dates paradigms you will experience your self-expanded, renewed and realigned to your soul’s divine blueprint.

In the Wisdom School Two retreat, each participant is guided to allow a direct experience of living love to be received. Often times you hear the word ‘loving’ or ‘love yourself’ but do you really know that experience? In this intensive retreat, you will discover the ‘loving’ that is beyond personal love and come to know the Divine Love or  Living Love that is available to you when you clear the inner channels and open to what is completely available to you in every moment.

WISDOM SCHOOL TWO, offered in retreat in Santa Fe, NM, will be offered in March 2018. The pre-requisite for Wisdom School Two is the completion of Wisdom School One, one Noetic Balancing, and acceptance by Rebecca.

For More Information About the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School - Contact Rebecca

Both Wisdom School I and II are pre-requisites to applying for the Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training.

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My work with Rebecca has been powerful so far, and I suspect I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the impact this work will have on my life.I am someone who has done a lot of personal work, years of therapy when I was younger, personal growth and development trainings.

In working with Rebecca, however, I discovered that I had old pockets of shame and sadness that I’d never really managed to release, stories that I’d shoved away and dismissed as part of my past but which subtly affected my presence, my clarity about who I am and my confidence about being out in the world.

I’ve loved learning these practical, powerful tools from Rebecca that on a deep level seem to truly free and release this long-held energy of shame, grief, and feeling less than. When I do the work, I feel a physical change in my body, and a sense of more light and more space open up inside of me. I still have more clearing to do, but since beginning my work with Rebecca, I have more and more moments of feeling connected to this bright, shiny, vibrantly alive part of myself that feels completely at ease in the world.

I have a calm about taking new steps to grow my business and raise my visibility. And people are noticing. More and more, I get comments that I look so happy.

Isabel Parlett, The Soundbite Shaman

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