I grew up in the 50’s when nostalgia for the ‘good ole days’ and white cultural norms were being splashed all over the brand new television sets that all the middle-class families on our block were scurrying to purchase.

The television shaped several generations of beliefs about what was good, acceptable, normal and suppressed what was dark, subversive or criminal. We were served white bread – with or without the crust. And we bought it.

Even though I can still get nostalgic about my Grandmother’s crystal and her fried chicken and biscuit gravy… we are living in times that call us out of the stupor to ‘wake up’ from what we have been ‘fed’ – maybe even with a shock – and dig deeper into our values and radical loving about family, community, and the world.

In February, a group of courageous radical lovers convened to begin the tedious but impassioned discovery of how we build bridges rather than walls and listen openly – with our compassionate hearts – to each other and what is important – even if it differs from our current point of view.

The day was a time to declare their sovereign state of being – to put a stake in the ground for their unique expression of radical loving – and then speak the sacred action step they would take to help birth the ‘new story’ that is shaking the status quo beliefs apart in every area of our world.

For radical loving and sacred action is an important ingredient to living from a sacred calling with our sacred ambition.

We are all walking through these times of uncertainty and upheaval together. Gathering together with other like-hearted leaders, world servers and visionaries is more important now than ever.

I believe we don’t have to think alike to love alike.

Loving is the ‘special ingredient’ in the conversation, in the action and in the energy of the moment for those of us who know that diversity, complexity, inclusion rather than alienation and compassion rather than rancor can make us stronger – together. When we all move in the direction of what we are ‘for’ rather than rant about what we are against the ‘new’ story can replace the current one that is headed for a train wreck.

That ‘new’ story emerges when we know the sacred calling that has beat our hearts alive since we took our first breath – and we learn how to align our ambition and far-reaching loving to speak it, share it, vision it and stand in it.

The live event this year, Your Sacred Ambition 2017, will be the fourth year that this tribe has gathered. It doesn’t matter if this is your fourth year attending or your first – You are invited! I can already feel the flame of the energy of this year’s event ramping up. And I am listening deeply to how our gathering in August can serve you in greater and greater ways.

The Official Doors are now Open for a Super Savings ticket price during the month of March.

AND you can also register for a brand new level of participation that we are bringing to August 2017 – The Luminary Experience.

Read more on the registration page here: https://rebeccaeskeele.com/your-sacred-ambition-2017/

Over the weeks and months ahead you will read several posts, see live Facebook videos, a few zoom gatherings all to share with you more about how this event – Your Sacred Ambition – can be a pivotal 3-days in your life this year. But all of this really comes down to this question:

Are you called to step forward, at this time – with your unique expression of your bold, loving action- and dedicate your sacred ambition to serve you and the greater good?

If so – I hope to see you in August!