Hello Rebecca Skeele here your host for the upcoming 3-day Virtual Symposium 2012 Home stretch: Up-Leveling Your Energy Know-How and Raising Your Energy Vibration.

Here’s the question I would like to address:

What are the most profound energy refining and boosting practices/practice we can add into our already full days? What would be the most bang for our buck?

Now this person is like me: Let’s get practical. The answer is there is LOTS of practices out there that you can work into your daily life easily. When you realize that your health, your well-being, your mental and emotional state – and a lot of your aches and pains are directly related to your energy field – and how that field affects your physical body and your subtle bodies…then like brushing your teeth every day or maintaining an active lifestyle – putting in place simple techniques and practices that maintain a radiant, bright and clear SELF will be  no brainer!

Want to know more about you as an energy being? https://vimeo.com/40307204