Hello Rebecca Skeele here your host for the upcoming 3-day Virtual Symposium 2012 Home stretch: Up-Leveling Your Energy Know-How and Raising Your Energy Vibration. I am doing a short series of videos to answer a few questions that you have submitted on my 2 min survey to help me prepare this virtual energy symposium for you.

Here’s the question I will address in the energy symposium:

How do I keep myself from giving too much of my energy out to others? How does one tell I have given too much?

Self Mastery of one’s energy includes several different steps:

  • Self monitoring of our energy field – is it clear? Is it connected to the unlimitlessness of Source
  • Are you leaking energy? Or is an energy center – commonly called a chakra – blocked or contracted?

To watch Day One – You are an Energy Being go to https://vimeo.com/50804473