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Since attending the Your Sacred Ambition Live Event in August 2016, Vincent has been in a process of bringing into form a deep experience of his sacred calling.


Many times this is the case in our lives when we finally allow our self to be with our self and listen inside. The Your Sacred Ambition Live Event gives you the time and space to finally focus on you, and that vision in your heart.

“I feel like my sacred ambition is being true to myself and expressing myself and allowing that to heal myself and others. I think that the seeds of that have been there all along but I never gave myself enough of my own credibility to actually do it. My experience in the Sacred Ambition Live Event was the first time I allowed myself to take myself seriously and to start manifesting my calling in the world.”

Vincent’s inner challenges were about overcoming his own sense of deserving.

“I discovered that for a long time there were certain things that I wanted to channel and bring into the world but I didn’t believe I deserved to be compensated for that.” So Vincent had bought into the myth that first, you make your money so when you retire THEN you can do what really matters. “What got connected for me on the third day of the event was that it was absolutely and positively OK for me to bring my gifts to the world and be compensated for that.”

For Vincent, this was a big breakthrough. He had many years of struggle and conflict about money and what he could charge his clients – as an entrepreneur. He got to the point that he didn’t even want to think, see or know anything about money in any way – and, of course, that approach didn’t work very well. And he also had a fear that if he had abundance he would not be a good steward – he would be stupid with money.

Definitely, this conundrum kept Vincent stuck in a self-defeating loop – one that kept him from freeing himself, his heart and his creative expression in the world.

But it wasn’t making a large amount of money that set him free. It was getting – really getting – that who he was and what he had to offer had great value.

“I see now that I have things to offer the world, to improve people’s lives: relationships, their mental and emotional states, families, parent/child relationships and people who are dealing with addictions. And those offerings are worthy of compensation.”

So what has Vincent done with his new revelation and inner freedom?

He is currently creating the prototype for a board game that can be used by individuals, families, parents and children, teams of business people and people in recovery to help open their hearts and minds to who they truly are. A big focus of the game is gratitude.

“After the event, I had an overwhelming need to know more about gratitude. And how it’s a path to happiness, joy, and self-expression. So on New Year’s Eve instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to dedicate 2017 to gratitude.”

And he discovered as he shared his game with others that in environments where people are healing and transforming there was a need to have some kind of ‘play’ involved around the concepts.

So far the response he has received, from sharing the board game in the beta phase, has been overwhelming.

“It almost brings tears to my eyes when people come up to me and say ‘I’ll buy one right now.’ I haven’t felt this passionate about one of my creations before.” Vincent is also learning about being in the present rather than having his ‘past’ pull or push his focus away from the present moment. This has been another big breakthrough. If you want to ‘stay the course’ and follow a sacred calling you must release yourself from the past ‘clutter’ so the present becomes rich, exciting and fulfilling…and the future is brightly lit with the promise of the goodness of who you are. “Now, I have the sensation of being pulled forward by the future and physically I am already there…I’m just pulling myself now to then.”

Well put!

So what is next for Vincent?

“I am allowing the future to pull me.” And he is confident the right people will come forward to support him in getting his current creative expression out to a national level. He is definitely living and embracing in the unknown and the uncertainty. And that is completely OK with Vincent.

Here is Vincent’s Sacred Ambition: To listen to my heart, quiet my mind, love my body, free my spirit, show forgiveness, seek divine guidance and live out my dreams.

Go for it, Vincent!

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