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Vincent’s Story
Taking Myself Seriously

Rebecca Skeele tells Vincent Thome’s story of attending the Sacred Ambition event and making the commitment to himself to take his talents and gifts seriously…and what happened next.

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Deb’s Story
One Dinner Table at a Time

Rebecca Skeele tells Deb Ford’s story of listening deeply within to discover the ‘sacred call’ that is mobilizing her to become a sacred activist in the area of healing race relations.

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BB’s Story
All of Creation into Communion
with Radical Loving

Rebecca Skeele tells BB Harding story of attending the Sacred Ambition Event August 2016 and how her sacred calling is defining her life.

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Bobbye’s Story
CoCreating Sacred Sanctuary

Rebecca tells Bobbye’s story of being compelled all her life to go inside and make that inner into a ‘something’ in the world. She finally found a home for her sacred calling at the Your Sacred Ambition Live Event.

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