Very cool article in the paper this week about the quantum resonance (my word)  of things.  Seems migrating birds may use the electronic spin of electrons to navigate their way from their north to south feeding  grounds – and back again.  Makes sense to me. Although I don’t completely ‘get’ the physics I have the experience of watching flocks of birds, or herds of gazelles or schools of sardines move  as one – one unified whole with each individual bird, gazelle and sardine seeming to know in a split second when the entire group is going to turn, or twirl or land. If it works for birds my guess is quantum entanglement (their word) is also at work with much of the natural world.

 Could we also be entangled or not, in the flow or not, resonating or not with our life? The short answer is yes and for more in depth information about the physics of entanglement click the link at the bottom.

But what does quantum entanglement (which creates resonance, in my opinion) have to do with you and me?

This week’s Mastering the Shift Living Your Noetic Reality is all about how inner resonance is a key to the experience of self renewal. Simply put, the Living Love of who I am is the quantum entanglement that sources my energy, focus, purpose and passion. When I am in the flow life hums with a deep sense of ‘on course’.  But when I am looking to the world to ‘feed’ me – well, I miss the usually subtle nudges from my Universe to turn left NOW … and end up loosing the flight path to ‘home’.

This weeks show talks about how to get back ‘on course’ and stay tapped in to that inner resorvoir of life-sustaining loving. I am not speaking of personal love here – what is usually identified as emotions/feelings that you have for pets, children, and loved ones.  This feeling of love is  an expression of this bigger experience but like the leaf is not the tree – it’s just a small part. Think of Living Love as the air you breathe – or, if you are a fish, the water that you swim in. It’s everywhere – all pervasive – and in everything.

All pervasive, life sourcing, quantum resonanting Living Love. Take in a nice deep breath….and be re born!

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