IMG_0542Crop circle weaving Crop circle tuft Crop circle swirl

When you are up close and having a personal experience with the grain in a crop circle the different patterns created in the formation will astound you. As you first enter the crop circle you might find all the above in one formation and as you continued to explore all the various parts of a single crop circle more sculpted areas are revealed. Is has been documented in over 1000s of circles that the grain is actually laid down or bent – not broken – to form the patterns that we see from the air. And how they are swirled, tufted, woven and sculpted  create the 3-D affect that so many of them contain.

Here is a picture of the crop circle where the above pictures were taken. You can see how the circle shifts dimensions the more you gaze at it and this illusion is created from how the grain is swirled. When we scouted out and found this crop circle it was only hours old and the farmer had not given permission yet to walk into the field. Consequently there were about 15 of us standing around eagerly waiting to see if we were going to be able to go in.

When crop circles are spotted and they are in a field that has never had a crop circle one of the volunteers approaches the farmer to gain his consent to enter his field. And it is suggested to the farmer to put out a donation box for compensation. In this case the farmer gave his blessings. We were one of the first to walk in this fresh circle.

And that’s when the magic happens. Nothing can replace direct experience. Not all the pictures, posts or facts you can gather and research. To have a direct experience of the  benevolent energy that created crop circles and know that you contain the same energy – and ability – that you are that powerful and that unlimited – to realize through direct contact with another reality opens you up – like nothing else – to the presence of that reality.  It’s one of the quickest ways I know to release limitation. Is it time to gift your life with an experience like no other?  Ask yourself – What would I no longer have to do, be or participate in if I expanded beyond a dream of ‘one day’ and went for it?!!