spiritualemergenceYou may be in a time of spiritual emergence if… Does this sound like the opening line to a good comedy routine? Well, when you are in a time of spiritual emergence you may not immediately see the humor.  I just completed doing a spiritual emergence process with 11 open, vulnerable and eager case study participants – and three of them were a bit panicked when we started the process. What is going on?  Why is my life feeling out of control?  I am feeling so disoriented? Yep, all signs of being in a time of spiritual emergence which also may include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Emotional roller coaster
  • Intense fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Disoriented
  • Unusual body sensations/aches/pains/sickness

Six of the 11 case study participants checked ALL THE ABOVE on the pre survey.

What does a spiritual emergence look like in the outside world? Could look like a relationship pattern that is threatening the relationship AGAIN. OR it could look like a series of major losses – financial, career, death of a loved one, OR  it could appear as old structures no longer working – financial, career, relationship, health…

What does a spiritual emergence feel like in the inner world? Besides the list above my 11 participants were experiencing old past issues of shame, blame, emotional reactive patterns surfacing; one participant talked about feeling ‘out of control’; another was in touch with a deep sadness and despair about not realizing her dreams, and another was in a deep time of grief and stuck in a cycle of overwhelm.

Now, to anyone else these symptoms could appear to be just another time of  ‘something to get through’ or ‘learning my lessons’. But to these 11 (and to me) they knew and I knew that something else was a foot. I am hopeful of discovering my life purpose and it is still not clear to me. I need to reconnect and recommit to my Divine Nature. My life is out of control. I am choosing to live my dream. I have been in a spiritual emergence for awhile and feel stuck. T0 emerge means to come into view; dawn; materialize.  A time of spiritual emergence is when the soul impulse is bringing a new part of YOU into view and this new emerging part has not yet surfaced.   Like driving through mountain fog you are not able to see the vistas around you. Or like a freshly planted garden, your Soul is watering a part of the garden where you planted seeds many eons ago…and you have long forgotten what you planted. And so there’s work to be done.

And What is the work?  to release and let go of anything that is in the way of  YOU appearing in a fresh, new way!  Do you have a story about spiritual emergence?  Contact Rebecca